Twitter Accelerates Second-Screen Push With TV Timeline Test

The company is experimenting with hubs for live shows; if you tweet about one, you’ll be invited to enter a timeline dedicated to conversation about the program.


Twitter is experimenting with TV Timelines, a new second-screen experience that makes it easier to see tweets and media related to live television shows, Mashable reported.

The feature, being tested on a limited basis on the iOS app, is similar to Twitter’s World Cup and NFL timelines and other dedicated hubs that the company creates to focus the conversation during major events. Except in this case, Twitter is proactively reaching out to people who are tweeting about television.

Here’s how it works, according to Mashable: If a user tweets using a show-related hashtag, keyword, character name or key phrase from “American Idol,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “@Midnight” or “The Blacklist,” he or she will be served a dialogue box with an invitation and link to the show’s TV Timeline.

The Timeline is organized in three columns that can be swiped through: Highlights, that presumably include tweets with the highest engagement; Media, photos and videos, and All, the full stream of Twitter conversation about a show. When a user tweets from within a TV Timeline, the show’s hashtag is automatically inserted to the tweet box.


Images: Twitter, courtesy of Mashable.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.

None of the above is particularly earthshaking, but it’s a strong indication that Twitter is taking steps to improve its position as a second-screen option. The company is locked in a battle with Facebook for the share of conversation during live events.

For more about the test, see Lance Ulanoff’s post in Mashable.

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