Three Ways To Make Your Landing Page Stand Out

By , Published November 8, 2014


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A landing page should be the centerpiece of your online marketing strategy. A landing page is a special webpage used to encourage people to take an action.

Landing pages can be used for almost anything, including selling a new e-book, getting people to sign up for your online course, or just asking people to contact you.

Whether you’re writing blogs, sending newsletters, or just updating your Facebook, you should be directing your readers to your landing page.

Creating a perfect landing page takes a lot of practice and testing, but here are three basic tips to get you started.

1. Have A Clear Objective

Your landing page should have one (and only one) objective. Every word and image on that page needs to push people in the right direction. If you have many things to promote, you should make separate landing pages for each one instead of trying to cram multiple goals into one page.

As such, your objective should be clear and concise. What is your call-to-action? What do you want your readers to do and why should they do it?

2. Tailor Your Landing Page To Your Audience

A successful landing page needs to be tailored to your specific audience. A landing page trying to sell tickets for a technology conference is very different from one promoting a sale at the local grocery store. Use language that your target audience can understand and avoid using jargon. The clearer your message is, the more likely they’ll actually retain it.

3. Minimize Text And Maximize Media

It’s unfortunate, but many people won’t read through your entire page. A few might just look at the images; some might only read the headlines. Very rarely will you find someone who will read an entire page of content.

As such, keep your writing as concise as possible. Can someone who only reads the first headline get a good understanding of what the page is about?

Cut down on the amount of text you’re using and use images, infographics, and videos to tell your story instead. High quality whiteboard videos can be very effective at getting your point across while still keeping your viewers engaged.

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