These Crypto Telegram Groups are Popular in 2022

These Crypto Telegram Groups are Popular in 2022

Alongside Twitter and Youtube, Telegram (TG for short) is one of the best resources to stay updated on all the latest cryptocurrency trends and which altcoins are pumping.

Reddit groups are also popular, and even Tiktok influencers discuss crypto. Often a crypto project has an online presence across several different social media channels, one of which is a Telegram group.

How Telegram works is it’s possible to set up either a one-way Telegram channel where people can only subscribe to a feed of updates, or a Telegram group where everyone can chat freely (or both). Then some Telegram users are set as moderators and admins to limit spam.

Best Crypto Telegram Groups Now

Which are the best crypto Telegram groups in 2022 though? Our cryptocurrency market research team put together a list of the top three crypto Telegram groups and channels in recent months.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block has been trending on crypto Reddit as its native token LBLOCK went on a 65x run in one month in 2022 after the launch of their crypto giveaway app.

Financial media ranging from to Yahoo Finance also featured the coin. Its crypto Telegram group has been gaining attention from interested investors.

These Crypto Telegram Groups are Popular in 2022

One of the most viewed crypto Telegram groups

The LBLOCK price has now corrected after the recent dip in the crypto markets but then recently bounced 100% in Q2 2022.

All major altcoins have a Telegram community where investors can ask questions to the team and developers. Lucky Block’s CEO often does AMA (ask me anything) events on TG for followers.

There’s also a separate one-way channel for news about Lucky Block NFTs and another chat group dedicated to Lucky Block support – that’s easier to ask for help in as the main group has a lot of posts given there are over 44k members.

Check the pinned messages for the latest news updates and tutorials such as how to use Metamask to connect to NFT Launchpad. Pinned messages in Telegram work the same as pinned tweets on Twitter.

We first reviewed this website on our best crypto signals guide. Operating since 2014 they’ve been through several crypto bull runs.

They post trade setups make accurate price predictions on the majors as well as low cap altcoins.

Make sure you follow the official group as there are many imposters on Telegram who adopt similar handles. They have both a free crypto Telegram channel and a VIP Telegram available as a paid service.


Rather than being crypto discussion centred around a coin or price movements, Unfolded (the exact Telegram channel name is ‘unfolded.‘ in lower case with a full stop) is a feed of cryptocurrency news.

The latest crypto news updates that might affect the market are all covered, in a curated list covering all cryptocurrency websites across the internet. So we rate his among the best Crypto Telegram channels.

‘SEC approves Teucrium Bitcoin Futures fund’ is the latest link for example. Alongside a link to comments Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made on crypto and stablecoins.

There are many crypto Telegram news channels but having been a follower for a while we noticed Unfolded is one of the best places for crypto news alerts on Telegram, posting daily and not missing anything in the headlines. His is one of the most popular crypto Telegram channels.

Avoiding Telegram Crypto Scams

Some crypto Telegram channels center around one altcoin, others give trade alerts, some put out crypto Youtube video content, and others are a feed of cryptocurrency news. Be careful you’re joining the right group however as there are Telegram scams crypto investors can fall victim to.

Get the link from the official website, Twitter profile, first Google result (not a Google ad), etc. then check the @ handle matches. Also check the follower count, although even those can be faked with bot followers. The same applies to crypto Twitter accounts.

Don’t reply to DMs – no admin will ever offer to trade for you, or tell you about a special promotion or crypto airdrop over a direct message. They would just post about that in the group and answer your questions there (if you ask a question scammers are more likely to target you. They will use the same profile pic and name as the official group, only a slightly different @ handle. Only those are unique.

ASCII symbols are used by scammers to represent letters in @ handles, like the letter ‘l’.

Download Telegram

We also recommend downloading Telegram from the official website, as if downloaded from the App Store some Telegram groups are banned and not visible. Occasionally Apple censors crypto content.

It is also possible to view Telegram in a web browser without downloading it to your desktop or mobile.

Once you open a Telegram account adjust the settings so you can’t be messaged by people outside your contact and your phone number is not visible to others.

Then you’re all set to safely join the best crypto Telegram groups like Lucky Block and CryptoSignals.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

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