The Underrated Role of Videos in Remote Hiring and How to Make the Most Out of It

The times are rapidly changing, and the recruitment process is not staying behind. Instead, it is adapting and aligning with the present moment.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global shift to remote work, which also led to the increasing popularity of video technology. However, many recruiters and hiring managers still prefer videos to connect with teleworkers, neglecting the potential they have in virtual recruiting.

But there is a magnificent potential in this medium that more companies and HR professionals will explore in the future. For example, 83 percent of businesses with over 250 employees are likely to purchase video calling tools.

Thanks to that, they can mitigate the geographic distances, speed up the processes, and save money. Moreover, companies save up to $ 11,000 annually per worker by using video conferencing software.

Videos are also essential for remote hiring as they ensure candidates can attend the interview. Yet, there is more to the benefits of this medium.

Here is everything you need to know about the remote hiring and hiring videos.

The benefits of using videos in remote hiring

If you want to make your job ad stand out, adding videos is one of the best ways to attract highly qualified and tech-savvy candidates. That way, you can also make the vacancy come alive and turn it from average to unique.

But there is still more to this medium that can help you improve your recruiting process.

Attract top talent regardless of location

Work from home is becoming a must to attract the candidates, the younger ones in particular. Hence, recruiters have to leverage advanced tools and tech to reach out to the most compatible job applicants. But sometimes, the best ones might live in a different city, country, or even continent.

With videos, you can reach job seekers regardless of their geographical location. Hiring videos eliminate the obstacles to set up a meeting and conduct the interview.

Establish a meaningful connection

The recruitment process should manifest the company mission, values, and goals. Although you can achieve all of that with words, videos make it much more meaningful. They can improve your remote hiring substantially and provide depth that makes each information more engaging.

It is why you should leverage videos to record the office, employee testimonials, and daily operations in action. That can bring the company culture to life and help candidates get to know you better and establish trust.

Moreover, if you ask for videos as a part of the recruitment process, candidates could feel more comfortable if the employer did the same.

Physical cues improve communication

Although physical cues are not as significant during the individual videos and marketing campaign, they play a critical role during the interviews. It is essential to invest in stellar video conferencing that liberates communication from interruptions, glitches, and noise.

That way, the meeting will have more depth, and it will be easier to communicate with the candidate. Moreover, up to 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. Because of that, you should read the physical cues and identify if a job applicant feels uncomfortable or uneasy.

Video interviews also allow you to recognize a genuine response and if a candidate is nervous. Thanks to that, you can direct your questions and get to know them better.

Make onboarding smoother

Onboarding requires providing your new employees with the necessary information and guidelines. Use the videos to streamline the process and ensure hires get meaningful and in-depth tutorials.

Record videos to elaborate on daily operations, company history, and culture. Thus, many people prefer visual learning, helping them soak in information with more ease.

Take your remote hiring to the next level

Hiring videos provide you with various opportunities to improve recruitment. Besides using videos during the interviews, you can leverage them throughout the recruiting process.

Consider giving your job ads a boost with introduction videos that outline company expectations, job role requirements, and employer expectations. Introduce the workplace with employee video testimonials, office presentations, and daily operations demonstrations.

Unclose what the ideal candidate should be, what kind of workflow they should expect, and how their work will contribute to the company and the world. Moreover, you can also explain the organization’s role in the community and the unique employer value proposition (EVP).

Use the video to answer the questions job seekers usually have. For example: what kind of tasks would they have, how does the work look every day, and what development opportunities they can expect.

Make your video hiring smooth and efficient using an HD camera and ensuring the outcome looks professional and captivating. Moreover, consider creating a company intro video that you can share on social media networks, career sites, and job boards.

Even though remote hiring brings novel challenges, videos can improve and streamline the process. They give your recruitment another dimension and make it feel more personal, meaningful, and professional.

Use video hiring to show that the company keeps up with the trends and provides its employees with stellar technology and opportunities. Thanks to that, top talents will be more interested in your available vacancies and eager to join the team.

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