The Rise of Human Centered Business Ethics

April 17, 2016

Corporate human resource management has taken a number of sharp twists and turns over the past century. In many historical cases, executives and owners of large enterprises took the approach of building efficient teams which consumed the least amount of payroll necessary while still getting the job done. As far as direction was concerned, all communications and directives originated from the top-down. This trend has begun to shift towards CEOs and human resource departments trying new and innovative methods to engender better results through more effective internal communication.

Today’s communication is multi-channelled and bi-directional. This means that your customers are able to talk to companies like never before and that means that your brand needs new ways to reach the target audience. Innovative ways are new, not ones that were available at the turn of the millennium. Marketing is no longer a one-way megaphone with a whispering elite voice on one end and millions of diverse individuals hearing a booming, magnified message at the other. The tables have shifted to finally give the buyer of a good, commodity or service more of a voice than the brand itself in dictating the efforts of the operation itself.

As a brand content manager, you ought to already know that snazzy three or four word catch phrases or slogans won’t sum up your message. Rather, marketing means listening and providing value in today’s business environment. Content marketers have come to exactly these conclusions and have made it the center of their efforts to help develop and express value within their client’s brand market proposition. Your customers don’t know or care about the same things that the executives in your board meeting do and therefore your messaging and press relations need to take on entirely new forms. It’s all about reaching your customer in meaningful, impactful ways. They need to know that their needs, wants and experiences with your brand are being felt and heard.

In (April 19, 2016)’s world, you reached your clients through the fat pipe of print, radio and TV. Today, a press relation has been largely sidelined by a more qualitative human relations media approach. Customer acquisition in the new market isn’t really even a function of marketing in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, you are learning about your product or service right along your customer if you’re communicating effectively. There’s nobody more qualified to inform the next stage of your product or service development than the current users. It is surely no easy feat to find the right means of communicating on new media channels in the fashion that is going to gain traction with the right audiences.

It’s a result of the reality of this marketing and messaging struggle that your brand might wish to seek some outsourced assistance in the vital communication challenges you face. Unless you are talking with, walking with and serving your clients in lock-step with their wants, wishes and needs, there is room to improve. Human relations media approaches will become the dominant philosophy in the brand messaging approach at successful companies and your organization will eventually be asked to choose how to communicate its values. If you put your speculations aside and start asking and listening to the market you seek to serve, the correct business decisions will be presented to you, thus taking the guesswork out of product development, once and for all.

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