The Live Streaming Ideas Every Marketer Needs To Know [Infographic]

  • — August 22, 2017

    It seems lives streaming is becoming one of the most popular marketing options for marketers. Major social media networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are already offering live streaming options like Facebook Live, Snapchat Live Stories and Periscope respectively. This has enable brands, celebrities, marketers, publishers and influencers to reach their audiences live. According to Go-Globe, live video streaming will grow from $ 30.29 billion in 2016 to at least $ 70 billion by 2021. In other words, more internet users are viewing live content more than ever before. For instance, there was an 81% increase in live content viewership in 2016 than there was in 2015.

    The Live Streaming Ideas Every Marketer Needs To Know [Infographic]

    The industry will get bigger

    What does this tell us? The live streaming industry is growing at a terrific speed and it will get bigger with time. Marketers, therefore, must take advantage of this trend and strategize their marketing accordingly.

    Here are some live streaming ideas you can think of:

    • Stream an event

    Are you attending a big industry conference? Is your business launching a new product? You can use live streaming to cover the event so that even those who did not have the opportunity to attend the event can be on the loop.

    • Stream hilarious moments

    Humor is good. Your customers will appreciate some distraction from time to time. Remember hilarious clips can create trending hashtags on networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You could utilize trending topics to create funny topics.

    • Show live demonstration

    Live demonstration is another wonderful opportunity live stream. You can show your audience how to use a certain product. This also shows that you care especially if your products come with instructions on how to use them.

    • Live interview/speakers

    You could also broadcast live interviews if you have invited a reputable speaker or professional to your company to work with you. Many people will find the need to watch your live interview and in the process, your brand will have an opportunity to achieve greater visibility.

    • Advice/motivational monologue

    Do you have some nuggets of wisdom or inspiration that you would like to share? Do not hesitate to turn on the camera and invite your follower to listen.

    • Behind the scene

    Most of your followers will find it intriguing to watch what goes on behind the scenes in the office. You can be sure many of your customers would like to take a virtual tour of your office.

    Going forward, marketers or brands that make a clever use of live streaming functionality will reap big because online users are hungry for fresh content. Although most businesses are slow at adopting this pillar of marketing, you should endeavor to be among the first brands to embrace it.

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