The Growing Importance of Same Day Delivery for Online Consumers [Infographic]

— February 2, 2018

About 10 years ago, the concept to same day delivery, where a customer makes an online purchase and goods were delivered to the customer on the same day, was almost non-existent in e-commerce. However, technology has rapidly improved making e-commerce shopping more efficient, faster and easy to use. Consequently, the way products are delivered to consumers has also improved. As a result, not only many online retailers are offering same day delivery, many online shoppers expect it. You online need to look at the latest same day delivery statistics and trends by Invespcro to know why same day delivery is important to shoppers.

The Growing Importance of Same Day Delivery for Online Consumers [Infographic]

Infographic source- Invesp

According to the statistics, slightly more than half (51%) of e-commerce retailers are already offering same day delivery while 65% plan to offer within the next two years. Similarly, 49% of shoppers say same day delivery influencers their online shopping decision.

Advantages of same day delivery

As already mentioned, we are living in the most technologically advanced period of our history. In the US for example, 88% of citizens have access to fast internet connection while Smartphone penetration rate stands at 72%. As a result of the technology we use, we are predisposed to expect things to be done faster. Our attention spans have drastically shrank recently. No wonder retailers who offer same day delivery are becoming popular by the day. Do not let this opportunity slip away. Here are some advantages of same day delivery that you might want to think about.

  • It offers clients with quality, convenience shopping experience they can enjoy and remember
  • It increases the likelihood of your shoppers leaving positive feedback/product reviews after shopping.
  • Your business can increase sales because it is not restricted to any particular time of the day.
  • Same day delivery improves customer confidence on your

Although currently it is mainly bigger businesses that are offering same day shipping, smaller retailers too have to take the challenge in order to remain competitive. The desire to receive good ns and services quickly affects delivery preference of the consumers.

If for some reasons you don’t have the means or capacity to offer same day shipping you can consider engaging the services of a third party shipping specialist in order to take advantage of the trends in consumer attitudes and preferences. Not everyone has time to wait around for delivery. Accordingly to eConsultancy, 50% of abandoned shopping carts are due to unfavorable delivery options.

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