The Cost of Being Homer Simpson (Infographic)

August 13, 2015

Ever wonder how much Homer Simpson would make at his job as a Nuclear Safety Inspector? What about the cost of gas and other expenses that Homer and the Simpsons would have living day to day in Springfield with 3 mouths to feed?

And if the Simpsons live in Springfield… which Springfield would that be? The good folks at Fat Wallet have put together a rundown on how much it would cost for the Simpsons to live in various Springfield, USA’s; ranging from Springfield, IL to Springfield, OR.

Using data from, Zillow, FuelGauge Report and of course, Fat Wallet was able to crunch the numbers to figure out exactly how much Homer Simpson (and Marge) would make AND spend in every major Spingfield, USA.

The Simpsons: Cost of Living in Springfield, USA
The Simpsons: Cost of Living in Springfield, USA Created By:   Fat Wallet

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