The Best Facebook Content Ideas for Your Small Business

— August 4, 2017

As a business owner, you know that posting on Facebook is important for your small business to engage with loyal fans and get in front of new customers. Recently, Facebook announced that 65 million local businesses are now on the platform, using it every day to engage with new and loyal fans. However, coming up with varying, creative content that fans will engage with and enjoy can be difficult and time-consuming.

Don’t miss these 4 content ideas from our expert team to make the most of your social media marketing strategy on Facebook:

1.) Products and Services

Your Facebook content has the power to get your followers familiar with and excited about what your business offers, so post about your excellent service and unique products! Post the menu items your customers love, photos of products you have in store, and the services you offer to your community. Show off photos of the interior and exterior of your business. Post photos and videos of your team. By showcasing what your business is all about, you’ll remind your fans and followers why they love coming to your business.

The Best Facebook Content Ideas for Your Small Business

2.) Reviews and Testimonials

Another effective content idea is to highlight some of your best reviews as Facebook posts. Showing off your best online reviews will serve your salon, restaurant, or gym in a couple of different ways.

When a new potential customer looks up your business on Facebook, they’ll be able to see positive and real testimonials from your customers right off the bat. This shows your audience that your business is trusted in your community and is committed to customer service.

The Best Facebook Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Plus, testimonial posts can also cross-promote your review platforms. This is an effective way to:

1.) Remind your audience about your presence on other review platforms
2.) Show your followers that you genuinely care about the customer experience, and
3.) Encourage your fans to leave a review on Facebook or other review sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor.

Nearly 60 percent of consumers look at 2-3 review sites before they make a decision about a business, according to BrightLocal, so make sure your fans know where they can find you online.

3.) User-Generated Content

Taking a look at what other users are posting about your brand or business across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is the quickest way to find something engaging to post on your Facebook feed. The content other users post about your business provides great opportunities for you reshare on Facebook — just don’t forget to say, “thank you,” and tag that user.

The Best Facebook Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Users who post about your business on Facebook are valuable brand ambassadors. Embrace your fans’ posts as opportunities to help you tell your business’ story, give your online presence a human touch, and help you get your message across in a personal way. Before making a purchasing decision, consumers trust the opinions of other online users, in fact, 84 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so sharing a user’s post about loving your business can go a long way.

4.) Tips and Tricks

Think about the kinds of questions your audience might want to know before visiting your business, and allow that to inform your Facebook content.

The Best Facebook Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Keeping your Facebook feed full of tips, tricks, and news articles about your industry or local area will provide value to your followers. Posting educational and informative content shows your audience that when they come by your business, you will be able to help them with whatever they need. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and build trust with new and potential customers.

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