The Best Advice for Using Social Media With Your Business

April 11, 2016

Social Media marketing has become a full time job and with good reason, it’s free and millions of people over the world are using it. Like anything it takes time to become successful on social media, but if you do it correctly and creatively you’ll soon stand out from the crowd:

Build your followers

Without followers none of your posts can be seen instantly, making your content pretty much worthless. Keep a watchful eye on your competitors, follow new users and build your conversations with other organisations, local businesses and partners. If users see you interacting and engaging with other people they may follow you.

Customer Service

The provision of customer service on social media has become axiomatic. Phone support service is becoming less the more we receive replies on Twitter and Facebook chat.

One in four UK consumers visit social to make a customer service complaint or query. Your customer service skills are on social media for the world to see so make sure you are seen helping consumers and keeping them informed.

Engage with your audience

The first thing people do is search for the business on social media. You can tell a lot about a business from their social media so it’s important to keep this in mind when creating your content and interacting with customers online.

You want to be seen as an approachable brand, a brand with a high reputation and friendly service.

Live stream

Live streaming has taken social media by storm. Periscope live video updates on Twitter are sharing over 350,000 hours of video each day and Facebooks new live video function update in January 2016 now lets users share live video with a click of a button.

Live streaming apps are the next big thing; try them out from your events, shows and offices. This tool is huge in keeping users interested and engaged in your content. Be creative!

We’re all humans

We’re all humans behind social media; don’t expect anything less than the odd typo or broken link. It’s human error that occurs every day on social media no matter how big your brand is, so don’t hit panic stations, simply delete and reword or reuse the same content another time.

Social trends

Trends on social media are the most common topics of live conversation. These can be seen on most of your social media accounts as soon as you log in.

If you can be creative with your content and link into social trends you are onto a winner! Trends are great for engaging in new conversations and expanding your reach.


Video is the hottest trend out there today. Over 70% of marketers report that video converts better than any other content medium on social media. Facebook and Snapchat are now getting more daily views than YouTube so keep your videos smart, shareable and personal.

If you don’t have video content for the biggest platforms you’re going to lose on social media. Get filming!


Follow, Follow, Follow! It’s important you keep up to date with your competitor’s activity online and ensure your brand is always that next step ahead. It can be a great way to pick up new innovative ideas to help you compete with one another too.


Where would we be without it? If your content isn’t creative, interactive or engaging it’s pointless.

We all know the best content for social media is video and images but be clever about this. Think about what your audience want to see, what they like, their interests and what you want to get out from your posts before you make any rash uploads.

If some of your content isn’t timely you can use it over and over again. Just refresh and re-word it.

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