Social Media Habits to Break: Posting the Same Content on All Platforms

— January 19, 2017

Media Habits to Break: Posting the Same Content on All Platforms?

Most of us are guilty of posting the exact same content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While this is an easy way to keep your social sites updated, it has a downside because every social platform has its own audience and tone.

Different Audiences for Different Social Sites

On Facebook your business should be posting less frequently and publishing more personal messages, while on LinkedIn, a social platform for professionals, your posts should be more informative. And on Twitter your business should be posting more frequently and telling your audience the action you want them to take (click the link, read now, learn more, etc.) as this really engages your audience and entices them to take action on your tweet.

If you are posting the same content across these platforms, your posts may not be received well by your audience, and your business may come across as lazy, and no one wants that!

Repurposing Your Content for Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

One easy way to differ the content you’re posting across your social sites is to change the post copy. For example, if your post headline is “5 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Small Business,” here are some examples of post copy to use on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter:


Are you having trouble making social media work for your small business? Learn these 5 tips to ramp up your social media presence! (

On Facebook you want to make sure you get personal with your audience. You can easily do so by asking questions in your post.


Studies show that social media is important for small businesses! Here are 5 tips to make social media work for your small business. Read more here: (

As mentioned earlier, on LinkedIn you want to make your headline as informative as possible. Using stats or referencing studies tell the audience that the information provided is credible.


Click the link now to learn 5 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Small Business! (

On Twitter you can keep your message short and sweet, actionable, and even tease the information they’ll learn after clicking the link.

You can also change the image with your post on each social platform. This will make the content feel new and fresh on your business’s social sites.

Tailoring your social posts for each platform and your different audiences is an easy way to keep your fans and followers engaged with your business online.

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