Should My Business Continue to Focus On SEO & PPC During the Pandemic?

In this article, we will discuss our view on the corona virus pandemic; how to help your business weather the storm; and how to plan for recovery once the crisis is over.

What is SEO Inc’s View On The Corona Virus Pandemic?

As Federal Reserve Chairmen Jerome Powell recently told NBC’s Today Show in an interview, “there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy”. There has been a dramatic slow-down in economic activity, but it is self-imposed in an attempt to slow the spread of the Corona Virus. Based on expert’s opinions we have followed, there could be a dramatic recovery starting in June or later, once the pandemic is brought under control and social distancing restrictions are lifted. It is unlikely that restrictions will be lifted 100% and life will go completely back to normal in June. But we expect to see a phased lifting of restrictions. Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we expect the peak of the pandemic will have passed, and restrictions will start being lifted in June. Hopefully, life will be mostly back to normal by autumn.

How Should Businesses Respond?

Like most businesses, SEO Inc. is focused now on how best to respond to the crisis for our business and our clients. While it is a difficult time, many of us now have a better idea of how to respond to the “new normal” and we are implementing our crisis strategies. But now is also the time to start planning for recovery. If life starts to get back to a semblance or normalcy in June, what is your businesses plan to ramp up your business? All businesses are unique, but now is the time to start planning your strategy for mid to late June when restrictions start to be lifted, and later in the year when things return to normal.

Should I Continue To Focus on SEO During The Pandemic? What about PPC?

All businesses have to make tough decisions now. For many, they will need to scale back or stop their PPC campaigns. But keep in mind that with most of the country now quarantined at home, you have a much better chance of getting people’s attention than in normal times. Some of our e-commerce clients are doing record business. This might be a good time to review your ads, your offers and your messaging. There might be opportunities to serve you clients in ways you haven’t thought of.

Now it’s more important than ever to keep a sharp SEO edge. Your competitors are not taking their foot of the gas, and they might use the opportunity to target your brand and market share.

According to a Search Engine Land article, 63% of businesses surveyed said SEO would gain importance in their business going forward. Furthermore, 66% saw organic search as there top performing channel in 2019.

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