SEO Success Stories: Ecommerce Magento Website Success Story

April 10, 2016

In a world dominated by the internet, there is no better way of creating brand awareness than increasing one’s online presence. Amidst the marketing storms and havocs, many companies have found solace in search engine optimisation.

Through SEO, many companies have been bestowed with wings to fly to greater economic heights; thanks to effective and responsive SEO campaigns. Many have testified the greater works of professional SEO services with this Magento E-commerce website being one of them.


Dealing in environmentally friendly products like sanitizers, lotion, hand soaps, and exam gloves, this e-commerce approached one of the renowned search engine enterprises for ideal services. At this time, it was grappling with the challenge of maintaining a stable online presence. Although the company had been in existence for a considerable time span, it had made little breakthrough into the digital world. As such, a new online strategy was necessary to ensure increased online presence, which would out rightly boost the general sales.

SEO strategies Used

In order to increase the online presence of this E-commerce website, it was necessary for the chosen SEO website, Chadgookin, to respond by putting in place effective campaigns strategies. To make the most out of this rigorous procedure, it was necessary to;

  • Carry out a critical analysis of the individual website. This included checking for optimisation of the website for SEO.
  • Perform thorough Keyword research; this was necessary in finding out the best keywords that would blend well with the website in order to bring in a consistent flow of traffic. Innovative technology SEO tools were used in order to ascertain the best keywords that would drive massive traffic to the site by making the website easier to find on the internet.
  • Facilitate massive content strategy for the newly designed e-commerce platform. Scaling to greater heights of SEO requires quality content that is detailed and more relevant to the specified niche.
  • Perform extensive link building to various related stress. This ensured easy referrals and increased brand awareness among potential customers.
  • Add 50 secure links from renowned institutions including universities and colleges. Since they were targeting institutional customers, this was a well-calculated move in ensuring increased flow of traffic.
  • Include massive strategies of strengthening conversion rates.

SEO Campaign Results

SEO success is a journey, not a destination. As such, one can never ascertain that he has achieved the best results ever. However, it is quite possible to note significant changes within specified times; as with the case of this Magento Website.

  1. Increase in Overall Web Traffic

Over the 12-month period when the website was under survey, there were notable improvements in the flow of traffic. The number of potential customers who visited the website increased steadily with each growing month. Considering the one-year period over which the website was under study, there were 5609 visitors in 2012 before the massive SEO campaigns were launched. In 2013, 12 months after the start of the campaign, the overall increase in web traffic had risen to 20,950 visitors. Mathematically, this represents 273.51 increase, which is a tremendous performance!

The worthy improvements were accredited to Keyword search and planning which were the major steps involved at the onset. The increase in traffic was fuelled further by improvement of web content, which was a significant part of the SEO campaigns.

  1. Significant Increase in Non-Branded Organic Search Traffic

Non-branded organic search traffic involves potential customers finding information about websites through queries that do not bear the brand name of the company. For any SEO entrepreneur, this is the ultimate goal of search engine optimisation. Getting other people who did not have the slightest idea about your brand to know your company is not a mere achievement.

Over the one-year period, there was a remarkable increase in the number of non-traffic organic searches. The statistics changed from 2203 visitors in 2012 to 4974 visitors in 2013. This represents 125% increase in non-organic searches.

  1. Tremendous Organic Search Improvements

Notwithstanding, there was a credible increase in the number of organic searches. Organic searches involve visitors, who find your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The ease with which people find you online depends on how optimised your website is to rank higher in search engines. Increased organic search means more relevant search phrases targeting the potential customers making it easier for them to find you anytime they type in related search words.

Taking into considerations year over years comparisons, organic search traffic of this Magento e-commerce website increased from 3741 in 2012 to 6307 in 2013. Ideally, this represents a whopping increase of 81.71% increase in the flow of traffic due to organic searches. This shows the high efficacy of the SEO campaign strategies employed during the campaign.


There is no doubt regarding the significant improvements after the SEO campaigns. With notable increase registered in overall traffic, an increase in organic searches and improvements in non-organic searches, there are all possible reasons to say SEO works. The case study clearly reveals that the Magento Website was able to register significant improvements in its online visibility by employing effective SEO marketing strategies.

Taking single considerations of individual months further reveal how greatly SEO was able to succeed in increasing the online presence of this company. In the month of July 2012 for instance, only 196 visitors were able to find the E-commerce website using non-branded search phrases. Compared to 1076 visitors in July 2013, there are no doubts that the massive SEO campaigns carried out by the search engine experts bore notable fruits.

From the case study, it is apparent there are higher possibilities of treading major milestones in improving one’s online presence Depending on how effective one employs search engine marketing strategies. With the experienced SEO experts and worthy investment in notable SEO tools and components such as keyword research and link building, there are no reasons why your company’s online visibility should not improve. If you were on the verge of giving up, this is the time to take a closer look at the statistics and go back to the drawing board because there are hopes of eventual breakthrough!

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