Revcontent New Program Guarantees Revenue Increase For Publishers

  • Revcontent New Program Guarantees Revenue Increase For Publishers

    by  @lauriesullivan, August 9, 2018

    Content network Revcontent plans to announce a program that will guarantee publishers 50% more ad revenue than what they generate with long-term contracts from companies like Taboola and Outbrain.

    The program — called AutomaticRev — guarantees that publishers will increase their revenue with the same ad placements and quality when they replace another company’s recommendation widget with Revcontent’s on their site.

    AutomaticRev carries the tagline: “Revenue you can depend on.”  

    Revcontent would guarantee a 50% increase in revenue just for switching the feed. The 90-day test, or offer, rolls out Friday, John Lemp, Revcontent CEO and founder, told Publishers Daily.

    “We feel like a lot of media providers are getting robbed, based on the amount of real estate they provide on the page,” Lemp said.

    Typically, Revcontent — which supports Forbes, NewsweekPurch Media and others — has paid publishers 97% of deals on a revenue-share model. But the new AutomaticRev program will allow publishers that switch to Revcontent to have a much higher guaranteed revenue.

    Lemp, which launched Revcontent in 2013, wanted to change the industry built on what he calls a “shared monopoly.” The need prompted conversations to “empower” publishers to make a change.

    “The web should be open, but these days, it’s all about companies offering long-term deals that box in publishers,” he said.

    Lemp grew the company without funding. He said there is a loss of trust in media and it is important to create an alternative and raise the bar.

    Revcontent, which landed on the Inc. 500 at No. 215 last year, generated $183 million in revenue in 2017. Search Marketing Daily