Repurposing an internal digital ad solution for client use

Internal data sources serve as the foundation for a new external platform.

The popular saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ has been confirmed in the martech world, where forced innovation has led to the launch of new processes, products and platforms. 

For example, Digital Remedy, a digital marketing services provider, recently launched the AdReady+ self-service platform for digital advertising management, targeted to independent marketing agencies. Originally an unbranded internal tool, Digital Remedy repurposed their internal platform for external use in only 75 days to meet client demand. 

One thing which helped the turnaround the availability of data. Digital Remedy’s past campaign history, outreach data, algorithms and metrics of success were all transferred from AdReady+’s previous life as an internal tool. 

“We have a massive service of data pools that advertising companies and marketers can tap into, said Digital Remedy Chief Innovation Officer David Zapletal. “We wanted to make an internal planning process for our clients that is more intelligent, more efficient and with a higher level of functionality and better reporting.” 

The 300 platforms include DSPs with a media pipeline to make campaigns more effective, as well as data aggregators for reports and attribution sets, media pipelines and outreach processes, charts and graphing tools for reporting. “Now an agency can log in and in less than three minutes later have a holistic plan based from 20 years of experience of real campaigns, and not hypotheticals or outdated lists,” said Zapletal. “Then marketers receive holistic reporting back in 24 hours from starting their campaign.”

Digital Remedy was already in the planning processes of building a campaign management tool for external use by clients, but the sudden onslaught of new demands made producing a new platform a necessity. Making the platform self-service was also a requirement to ensure that the user experience was not slowed down by support requests or information silos. 

Historical campaign data used strictly for internal purposes is now combined with leveraged data and repurposed for external audiences, and as marketers start the proposal process Ad Ready+ uses large data sets to make objective recommendations. Ad Ready+ offers automated processes and data for agency services, including requests for proposals, campaign planning, media outreach and media buying all with real-time reporting.

“Not every marketer is in the same situation due to their industry,” said Digital Remedy EVP of Marketing Tiffany Coletti Kaiser. “Some rely on foot traffic and others are completely reliant on e-commerce. Within 24 hours [of starting a campaign] you can start receiving real-time reporting, and we know in this new world that every second counts.”

To ensure marketers are able to report the in-depth information required by the C-suite and company executives, AdReady+ offers charts and tables for reporting, including weekly performance, spend by media type, KPI by media type, upcoming campaigns and concluding campaigns.

“We knew that connecting a quick turnaround time to evaluate media success of the campaign was going to be important,” said Zapletal. 

Digital Remedy also built in a Segment Search Tool and a private marketplace list directly into AdReady+ to allow the user to search for required segments and domain categories without having to leave the platform. There are over 50 segment search tools and data providers loaded into AdReady+, including popular data providers like comScore, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Integral Ad Science, J.D. Power, LinkedIn, MasterCard and The Weather Channel. 

“All of these resources combined allows users to put together proposals faster than they ever could have imagined before,” said Kaiser. “Agencies do not have to worry about research and compilation, the stack does the work.”

This story first appeared on MarTech Today.

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