Qualtrics launches new Strategy & Research Suite for XM

Experience management platform Qualtrics has rolled out new tools and features, many powered by AI.

Qualtrics launches new Strategy  and  Research Suite for XM

Experience management (XM) platform Qualtrics this week launched a new Strategy & Research Suite focused on collecting customer feedback to optimize customer experiences. The solutions announced include a number powered by artificial intelligence.

It also announced new solutions to optimize in-store, online and call center customer experiences.

The Strategy & Research Suite. The Suite includes the following components:

  • Research Hub. A kind of DAM for every piece of research conducted, not only by a brand but by agencies as well as publications and research created outside the Qualtrics platform.
  • Video feedback. Beyond written answers to surveys, video feedback can convey sentiment and tone. Qualtrics AI can analyze and surface insights from video at scale.
  • Live one-on-one. Remote interviews conducted through the Qualtrics platform with themes and topics summarized by Qualtrics AI.
  • Online panels. A new self-service solution that allows users to quickly assemble target panels from Qualtrics panelist profiles.

Reaching the customer. New solutions are designed to manage and optimize customer experience wherever they are. Qualtrics Frontline Locations is designed to identify and remove friction across channels (in-store, voice calls, chats, social reviews, ratings, surveys) by listening to customer feedback across those channels with analysis provided by Qualtrics AI.


Specific Qualtrics AI solutions. Qualtrics also announced new products driven by Qualtrics AI:

  • Qualtrics Assist. A tool for business users to gather insights o both customer and employee experiences using natural language prompts.
  • Conversational feedback. This uses Qualtrics AI to generate real-time follow-up questions based on survey responses.
  • Intelligent summaries. Concise, AI-generated overviews of customer and employee feedback.

Why we care. It’s an experience economy. If 80% of customers are ready to switch brands, not because of product or price, but because of poor experience then experiences are worth monitoring and managing. And if customer experience partly reflects good or bad employee experience, then that’s probably worth managing too.

Qualtrics has been in this space for a while, but it’s seasoning its offerings with heavy doses of AI.


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