Pinterest Tips from the Pro’s

  • March 29, 2015

    We all want that perfect account. The one that entices people to follow, repin, like and click. But how can you schieve such success? We asked a few of the Pinterest Pro’s to give their top tip for creating the ultimate Pinterest account.

    Donna Moritz – Founder of Socially Sorted, which won the 2014 award for Best Business Blog in Australia.


    “You have to start with your website. I know it sounds strange not to start with your Pinterest profile, but approximately 85% of content shared to Pinterest is shared by users from websites, and not by brands. Check that you have pinnable images on every important page (portrait size is best) and include some “header images” with text overlay to help provide context to the pin. Keep an eye on what is being pinned from your domain using the source check ( or with the super-useful Domain Tool on Tailwind.”

    Ian Cleary – Founder of Razor Social, one of the leading websites for social media tools and technology.

    Ian Cleary

    “One of the most important things for me is ensuring there are Pinterest friendly images on our website and making it easy to share the images. We are not very active on Pinterest but, because we consider it when we are creating our imagery on our blog posts, a lot of images are pinned from our site.”

    Jeff Sieh – Host of “The Manly Pinterest Tips Show“, which interviews some of the top names in Pinterest marketing.

    Jeff Sieh

    Be consistent. I think much of the success that I have on Pinterest is because I try to touch Pinterest twice a day, every day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Also I always check the l inks. Making your content something people trust is a big factor in building an audience on Pinterest.”

    Kim Garst – Founder & CEO of Boom! Social and best-selling author of “Will the Real You Please Stand Up“.


    “Looking good is half the battle! Pinterest is a visual platform so make sure that you are presenting your products, services and content in a visually appealing way because this is the first measuring stick. If they like what they see, they will click! Stand out, be creative and most of all; be unique!”

    Kim Vij – Successful Pinterest Consultant, Pinfluencer, blogger, educator and co-founder of

    Kim Vij

    “Finding windows of time to curate content is key on Pinterest. It just takes 5 minutes here and there throughout each day to be engaged and aware of relevant pins that fit your target audience’s needs and interests.”

    Peg Fitzpatrick – Co-Author of “The Art of Social Media” and a full on Pinterest and visual marketing Pro.

    Peg Fitzpatrick“Pin what you love because it truly becomes the visual representation of your brand. People get to know you from what you pin. Be a multi- faceted jewel and pin a variety so show your different sides.”

    Vincent Ng – Author of “Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis”, President of MCNG Marketing and host of the “Pictures to Profits” podcast.

    Vincent Ng

    Take a look at how well certain pins performed every week. Some pins will get more repins, while others you thought may not. Start to study which ones perform and learn which topics resonate with your audience. This will help increase your community following and clicks.

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