Online Marketing in 2016: What Not To Do

by Michael Wight January 22, 2016
January 22, 2016

online marketing donts

You have read plenty of guides on what digital marketing trends are on the horizon for 2016, however there also some deadly mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs if you wish to run a successful digital media campaign in 2016. We look at the trends and forecasts and give you a list of 3 important factors which you cannot afford to ignore while designing your strategy and tactics.

Fail to integrate your offline and digital campaigns

Are you one of those businesses who run parallel digital and traditional campaigns? Then it is time for an overhaul. A good marketing campaign has properly integrated traditional and digital channels. Your brand message and communication needs to be integrated across all channels in order to be powerful and attractive. Integration is a challenge, no doubt, but this year is a perfect learning opportunity to experiment and update your digital marketing strategy. A report shows that 27% of businesses have digital and marketing departments that function as separate silos. This leads to a disparate strategy and fosters a lack of communication and causes a lot of confusion. Plan to integrate this year and then make a detailed integration plan.

Focus solely on desktop traffic

This mistake will hurt your web traffic and effectively make your conversion rates take a nosedive. The reason is that mobile traffic will continue to grow during the current year at a significant rate. Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast shows that mobile data will increase almost tenfold between the years 2014-2019, so if you want to take advantage of this massive increase then make a mobile-optimized marketing strategy. It will benefit your business not just for the current year but also prepare you for the changes to come beyond 2016. Move onto a mobile-first strategy.

App-less Marketing Strategy

“We don’t need an app.” said no marketer ever. At least not the wise one. Don’t be the marketing strategist, who is stuck in the no-app phase, traditional websites are probably looking at their decline and eventual death in the coming years. Mobile apps will become the primary medium of interaction with businesses. Google has started indexing apps, if you want your business to have a mobile-presence, then a well-reviewed app will go a long way in helping you reach customers. Face it, apps are the future of digital marketing.

Neglecting these core issues will cause major hurdles when it comes to communicating with your customers and users. Make sure these channels are optimized according to the industry trends. Keep an eye on the forecasts and authoritative reports and strategize accordingly.

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