Not Another Post About The Future Of SEO In 2016

Don’t get stuck in an SEO rut in 2016. Columnist Patrick Stox urges you to leap into the unknown and learn something new in order to understand the big picture.


Every year, Google makes changes, and SEOs have to adapt, but 2015 was a fairly uneventful year in the SEO world. What really changed? Mobilegeddon, another Panda, local became a 3-pack, referral spam became a bigger issue, local became partially paid and Google+ was stripped down.

If you had to change your strategy in 2015, it’s because you learned something new, you were doing something you shouldn’t have or you weren’t doing something you should have been doing. SEO still is, and will always be, about getting the basics right, paying attention to the details and putting it all together.

By definition, trends rise and fall. Every year, someone is proclaiming the death of SEO, link building is dead, keywords are dead, there’s too much content, the sky is falling! Right now, I see more posts about UX, less about content and an increase in posts about links once again.

The truth is that SEO is expanding, and it seems like SEOs need to be involved in, or at least have knowledge of, more and more topics. If a company is only offering one thing, or a practitioner has only one focus, then they’re missing most of the puzzle.

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