New Platform Offers Podcast Advertising Order Management

New Platform Offers Podcast Advertising Order Management

by  @KLmarketdaily, August 25, 2023

Ad-tech startup has launched an advertising order-management platform for podcasts. 

The LiveRead platform, for use by agencies, brands, networks and creators, integrates various processes into a centralized database to simplify video and audio podcast advertising management and allow all relevant parties to view up-to-date information. 

The platform streamlines media plan creation and insertion orders, automates ad copy delivery instantaneously to a roster of hosts, maintains ad calendars, confirms that ads ran correctly, sends/tracks invoices and payments, audits assets to maintain deadlines, aggregates episode delivery impressions across hosting platforms, according to the company. 

Early beta users include “The Always Sunny Podcast,” “Good for You,” “The Basement Yard,” “Bad Friends,” “Flagrant,” “Brilliant Idiots,” “BlueChew,” “Miracle Brand,” “Magic Spoon,” Adopter Media and Flagrant Media Group. cites a case study of a mid-size podcast network in which time spent on accounts receivable and accounts payable was reduced by 88% and errors totaling 1.67% of the company’s annual revenue were identified and prevented, which together produced ROI of 453%, not included time saved on administrative tasks.

Designed to help agencies, brands, networks, streamline processes from media plan creation and insertion orders through tracking of impressions and payments.