Most Underutilized Social Media Marketing Techniques

— December 14, 2016

2016 was a year of social media and so will be 2017. No business can survive without a strong social presence. From one-man shop to big companies, every organization is competing to attract users’ attention on social media. The ‘me too’ phenomenon has led to a massive competition on social networks.


The organic social reach is declining, and ads are becoming expensive. Many traditional small businesses have felt the heat of competition and have started looking out for alternative options that are less crowded and yield better results. At the same time, they can’t miss out the huge audience that major social networks enjoy.

Since a significant chunk of social network’s revenue come from small businesses, they can’t afford to alienate them. The major networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn have reinvented their ad platforms and seem to be adopting performance-based marketing to differentiate themselves from others.

While social media companies are trying hard to introduce new tools, several marketers are still using traditional cost per click ads and sponsored posts. If you are looking to try some alternative advertising to maximize results, here are the tools worth trying.

3 Alternative Advertising Tools to Maximize Results

#1. Snapchat Filter Ads

Snapchat filter ads are among the most under-utilized advertising features that work very well for small businesses. With a budget of $ 5 per day, a filter can give better results as compared to Facebook sponsored posts in terms of website visits or mobile installations. The Snapchat filter ads have proved to be more efficient when you are advertising mobile install ads. The visibility of these ads is higher as compared to ads on any other platform.

#2. Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook has revamped its advertising platform to include some path breaking tools that is unmatched in the online advertising industry. Unlike other performance-based marketing tools such as affiliate marketing, etc., you don’t need to have a website and compelling landing page. Facebook collects the leads’ contact details (such as email id and phone number) and stores it in its advertising platform itself. You can later download the leads in Excel or CSV files.

There are several advantages of using Facebook lead generation ads. You will be charged only after a prospect fills their contact information and not for any irrelevant ad clicks. Also, you don’t need to invest significant time and energy on landing pages. Those who have worked extensively on lead generation know well that this is a huge relief as most of their time was going in landing page development, A/B testing and writing compelling ad copies.

With Facebook, lead generation has become incredibly simple. You can get started in ten minutes. Also, the cost per lead largely depends on your target audience. However, it is cheaper than the cost per lead from any affiliate marketing campaign.

#3. Twitter Ads Targeting

No one understands the need for precise targeting better than the marketers. We spend significant time in producing ad elements such as copy, creative, videos, etc. However, none of these will be useful if the ad targeting is incorrect. Twitter has completely redefined the art of consumer targeting. You can upload your data to generate a similar audience. More importantly, you can target users by their behavior. Although other platforms provide behavioral targeting options, Twitter has done a much better job when it comes to targeting. You can use Twitter ads for B2B as well B2C products or services. The Twitter platform also offers an excellent opportunity to solo entrepreneurs who want to make legitimate money online without investing a significant amount of money.


If you want to spend your marketing budget on performance-based marketing, try any of the above platforms. The best part of using these platforms is that they are the least competitive advertising methods that can be found online. So, you will get desired results at relatively lower costs. Also, you are not required to invest in website designing and landing pages to convert more leads.

While using these services, keep in mind that you need to be patient and do some tweaking before you start seeing results. Every business has a unique audience and therefore, never opt for a ready-made audience for marketing your business. Rather create multiple audiences before you kick off the ad campaign. Continue the campaign with the audiences that deliver better results and pause other campaigns.

Grab the opportunity before every business starts trying these features and make it like any other ad platform.

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