Minute Maid Celebrates Parents With #DoinGood Video, Blogger Partnership & Contest (DD)

Downtrodden self-doubting parents get understanding and encouragement from the Coca-Cola brand’s new effort.


It’s always interesting when a brand attempts to both pull at the heartstrings and insert itself into a current topic of conversation in a relevant way.

It’s even more interesting when it actually works. Coca Cola’s Minute Maid brand, working with Doner Detroit, has done just that with the just-launched Doin’ Good campaign, which aims to convince parents that, despite their own doubts, they are doing a great job.

Apart from the poorly-chosen hashtag, #doingood, which has caused the usage of the hashtag on social media to split in half, with some using #DoingGood and others using #DoinGood, the effort ties nicely with the brand’s “Put good in. Get good out” tagline. Additionally, it reaches parents — the grocery shoppers — with a feel-good message that the brand hopes boosts its favorability.

The campaign consists of a heartwarming four-minute video, a partnership with bloggers, and a contest. First up, the video poses a question to parents: “How do you think you are doing?”

A group of parents respond with doubts about the effectiveness of their parenting efforts with one mom saying:

I’ve failed, I think, on a daily basis to live up to my own expectations. I question if I’m doing a good job every day.

The parents are then presented with letters written by their children lauding them with praise and love for all the hard work they have done throughout the years. It’s an eye opener for the parents as well as a comforting message that, yes, they have, indeed, been doing well by their children all along.

In addition to being featured prominently on the brand’s website, the video is being promoted through partnerships with YouTube, Facebook and video seeding firms as well as on the brand’s own Facebook and Twitter pages:

Minute Maid Facebook Post

From the Minute Maid Facebook page. Click to enlarge.


One of the girls in the video also tweeted about her participation:

Along with the video, Minute Maid has developed partnerships with several bloggers to promote the campaign as well as a contest which encourages people to share stories (in the blog comment sections) about parents doing great jobs with their kids. Each comment earns a chance to win a Minute Maid “prize pack” which includes a $250 Visa gift card.

One such blogger, Dad Camp, wrote a post about the campaign and mentioned it (retweeted it) on Twitter:

Minute Maid has also tackled the subject in its own blog post called “Taking A Stand For Parents” — which the video links to at the end — and has showcased parents’ blog posts on its site.

Of the campaign’s focus, Minute Maid VP of Marketing Charles Torrey said:

At its heart, Minute Maid is a family brand. We know parents today face more challenges than ever. Whether it’s the pressure felt from a stranger’s comment or someone’s picture-perfect post in social media, it’s easy for parents to ask themselves, ‘Am I doing good enough’? In true Minute Maid form, we want to shine a light on the positive, and remind parents of all the good things they do that make a big difference. We know that when it comes to making juice or raising a family, when you put good in, you get good out.”

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