Microblogging For Brand Promotion Success

— March 8, 2018

Use Microblogging to Promote Your Brand

Microblogging For Brand Promotion SuccessReaders today are looking for bite-sized content that they can scan and share quickly and easily. Microblogging has long been a popular format for this on places like Twitter and Instagram. Brands can leverage this by offering great images along with helpful tidbits that draw attention to their product(s) or service(s).

Wikipedia defines this form of blogging as, “small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links.” When publishing images, video, and text you have an opportunity to bring your community directly into the story of your book, a product demo, a series of how-videos, and much more.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top microblogging websites offered today:


This top social network is one of the most popular platforms to share quick, short information, which is now improved with their expanded character limited. In fact, authors, influencers and business owners have now adopted Twitter as a place to gather their community through chats, video, and sparking an interesting conversation. Informative content will not only build your social footprint, but interested visitors to your website as well.

Microblogging For Brand Promotion Success

In an age where advertising is quickly replacing organic growth this is still one of the few places where you can attract an audience quickly and get to know your followers in an authentic, transparent way.


It goes without saying that next to Facebook this is the fastest growing social network on the Internet today. According to Sprout Social, there are over 800 million active users that may very well reach one billion this year. Twitter currently has a much smaller number at 330 million as reported in a fourth-quarter report in 2017.

In a recent article by Build Book Buzz author, Kate Henley has been using this popular platform to build interest for her latest book, “How to Be a Better Person.” Her results have been quite successful after testing out her own microblogging skills with helpful tips and photos. Here’s an example of one of her posts:

Microblogging For Brand Promotion Success

As a result of her efforts here, book sales have gone up 30 percent over that of her other book, which was not promoted to the extent of her latest work. The author offers several pieces of advice to anyone using Instagram as a promotional platform — this can work for books, products or services:

  • Create 30 days of posts as a countdown to a holiday or event that relates to your niche
  • Show your books (or products) in a contest/giveaway format for those who come up with answers to a particular question
  • Ask your followers to share and tag themselves with your product/book/service and include a specific hashtag as it relates to your brand


This short-form blogging website was purchased by Yahoo! Inc. in 2014 and hosts over 300 million accounts where users share their images and multimedia content, which are focused on interests and a niche group of followers such as artists, writers, and now marketers and entrepreneurs. Although the typical age range for this platform is under 25 it has been slowly evolving to a wider range.

Microblogging For Brand Promotion Success

According to insights on Amplifr, Tumblr is best used for shorter text posts, catchy images, website links, video, audio and conversations through chats. The platform offers a simple stand-alone page with customization and specific targeting to your niche audience. Use this social network to build your community through conversational content as well as discover what your competitors are up to.


Most people think of this top social network as a place to share tall images, infographics, and videos, but this can also be a place to showcase your knowledge and expertise and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Your brand can create an unlimited number of targeted boards centered around a particular topic like this example from popular author, Elizabeth Gilbert:

Microblogging For Brand Promotion Success

Once a user finds a pin it can become re-pinned indefinitely — this provides a much longer shelf life than other social networks and continuously brings traffic to your website.

As technology transforms the way we find and share content one thing will always remain — building relationships. Microblogging offers authors and brands a chance to create a meaningful and lasting community for free without having to outwardly promote themselves.

Take advantage of the latest trends and pay attention to what your audience responds to most such as videos and interactive multimedia. With these websites, it is still possible to grow your community through organic methods as long as you are offering something that matches your message in a fresh, original, and attractive format.

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