A Secret Toward Success In 2015

January 22, 2015

Simple MarketingMake things simple!

We are in the age of data management. It is time to look and decide where we need to spend our time and resources. Right now, businesses are moving at a frantic pace, and rightly so. People want to be in position to make deals, be in position to take advantage of future business opportunities and hopefully minimize risks along the way.

How can this process be done today? Here are some things I am working on:

Simplifying the decision-making process Make sure you get the information needed to make informed decisions in a quick manner. In the past, companies would experience delays in obtaining information. Today, companies are much better at gathering information and can present that information in a clear, concise manner.

Listen and categorize input from customers Obviously you cannot please every client and react to every idea presented. However, if the same comment is heard, maybe it warrants some time and effort in addressing that idea. The faster you can address that idea, the more likely you will be able to keep up with client demands

Track the number of new accounts opened This is huge in our business. If new clients are coming to you wanting to do business, it represents a revenue stream. Make sure you open that account and follow-up to insure once the account is setup, the company is performing business with you.

Review your system processes If the processes in place are taking too long or there are a number of workarounds to your current system, it is time to address these issues. Getting the right people to talk about these processes is the key in moving forward and addressing these needs.

Track your project work Put start and end dates on your projects. Track the number of hours spent and which resources have been assigned to that work.

Watch performance of employees With today’s tight work market, remember there are people out there who are always looking to move ahead. If you have underperforming staff, address these issues quickly and consider getting the right people on your team.

Finally, and most important – make sure you are always taking steps to make your company easily accessible to your customers and current clients. Find ways to make communication easier via email, website, phone and front desk support. Drive home the importance of every client interaction and to always speak positively of the company. Make sure your employees don’t just talk about their own job, but how it relates the work that your company does. There is a difference.

These are simple tasks, but powerful ones. My word for 2015 is relationships. Building relationships does not need to be a complex process and the more simple you can make the process, the better people will be to understand your message.

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