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Marketing Confusion – Stop the Madness image medium 5535424177Marketing is a very complex mess of channels and consumer behaviors; combined with traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, seo, social media, mobile, snapchat, smartphones and other technologies.

The hardest part is looking at these different channels and topics and trying to integrate these channels into their marketing strategy. It really is time to take a step back and not get caught up in trying to learn these new technologies. Many marketing agencies and marketing experts focus on developing talent knowledge in these areas. This is their main function. Because of this, most of today’s marketing blog articles focus on these topics. These articles try to convince you that you do not know very much about these technologies and you need help.

As a marketer a company

How well do you know your clients?

Start internally and look closely at your client information. Ask yourself, how can I better serve these people so they will remain loyal to our company over time. This really should be the goal because these people are the lifeblood of your company.

Look for opportunities to add new types of clients based on the information you have gathered from your client information. This information will become more apparent as you dig deeper into your client data.

How well do you understand your company’s product/service offerings?

Everyday, I try to learn more and more about a different process or service that our company offers. Having a better understanding of the company’s products and services really produces more confidence and a better presence with respect to explaining the process to clients. A great way to develop better understanding is to take an actual tour of your own facility and understand the work that your employees perform.

Look for opportunities to understand companies outside of your industry that may have similar processes or similar product/service offerings. Seeing these processes in action has helped me bring new ideas to our own company

How do you tell that story?

This is the final part of the process. After you have addressed the items above, determine how you can tell your story and where do you want your clients to hear. It is an amazing process to look at and it is very simple to apply.

Take a small, niche segment of clients. (Also, look at new clients)


The product or service that affects these clients (Also, think of new products/services)

And Develop

The story that people want to read, share and want more. (People like innovative, new stories)


Too many people focus on the technology and channel and try to incorporate the story after the fact. In a sense, they start with the technology and work backwards. The problem with this process is typically, a person never gets back to the basic information about clients. I know this because I have experienced this process in the past because I was too focused on the technology. The technology, channels, distribution and measurement are the easy part once you better understand your clients, products/services and have developed your story.

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