Marketing Analytics Firm Moz Adds A New Content Tool

The offering provides Content Audit and Content Search to rate the content engagement of your site or competitors’.

From the Moz Content page

From the Moz Content page

Creating content that engages users is no easy trick. To help marketers with that magic, inbound marketing analytics software provider Moz is today announcing its Moz Content feature. It allows marketers to find out what kind of content generates the most user responses.

There’s an initial Content Audit, which analyzes any site — including competitors’ — and reports back what is working in terms of social sharing and links. Different sections of a single site can be compared, as well as different content types (news stories, videos or lists).

A Tracked Audit function can be set to automatically re-crawl a targeted site weekly, so that trends can be spotted.

As for the initial decision about what kinds of new content should be created, Content Search collects a sample of other content around the Web on a given topic in order to compare engagement —  links, reach and shares.

The Seattle-based company said that Moz Content can also continually track thousands of English-language sites to reveal highly engaging content that emerges in the focused topics. Or it can be used for curating content in a given topic that could be shared, for instance, with brand advocates.

There’s a limited free access to Audit and Content Search, with higher limits for users who are logged into the Moz Community. Subscriptions start at $59/month.

Moz Content Search

Product manager Jay Leary told me that, while there are lots of other content marketing tools out there, the new Content product is targeted at the Moz user community. He also pointed to the “pretty sophisticated” semantic analysis, extraction of multiple authors and topic detection.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled a beta addition of Search Insights to its Moz Local offering, which populates local searches with your company’s info.

The Performance section in Search Insights gives a breakdown of where your online traffic is coming from, including top directories.

The Visibility function, not unlike the score for this metric in the main Moz Analytics product, shows performance metrics like keywords traced, local average rank, overall visibility score and a bar graph displaying similar metrics for up to three selected competitors.

And Reputation tracks your company’s online reviews for volume, average ratings and which sites have the most.

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