Manners Please: the Best Way to Say Thank You

— April 25, 2017

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the thank you topic. Saying ‘thank you’ never goes out of style and we’re always finding new ways to tell our network and customers thank you.

Saying “please” and “thank you” were among the first manners that we all learned when we were children. It goes without saying but expressing gratitude goes far beyond thanking our teachers, parents, and friends when we were kids. As we’ve grown up, saying “thank you” has taken on an even bigger role – especially in the business world. According to a 2014 survey by Ask Your Target Market, “81% of respondents agree that sending thank you notes is an important way to show appreciation.” But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to being polite and showing appreciation, saying “thank you” has a lot of other positive benefits both personally and professionally. According to Psychology Today, expressing gratitude has various benefits from growing new relationships to improving psychological health.

So, if you are part of the 14% of people that say they never send “thank you” notes, it’s about time you jump on the bandwagon.

Take a look at our tips on the best way to say thank you and become a “thank you” expert:

General ‘Thank You’ Tips:

1: Keep it short

Everyone appreciates the effort that you go through to thank them because it makes them feel valued; however, it doesn’t need to ramble on. Rambling is one of the most annoying email habits (check out 10 Email Habits that Annoy Your Customers to see what else is irritating your customers) so it’s important to keep it short and sweet to truly make an impact.

2: Personalize it

If you’re putting in the time to send a “thank you”, you probably want the recipient to remember it. In order to make a lasting impression, personalize your email with something exclusive to your meeting. Include a tid bit of what you talked about, something you learned, or even a link to an article you think the recipient may like. It’ll distinguish you as a great listener who is thankful for the opportunity, whether that be a meeting, job interview, or just time set aside to catch up.

3: Don’t Make Mistakes

Nothing takes away from a well-thought-out “thank you” like misspelling someone’s name or writing the wrong title. It distracts from the content of the email and undermines all the hard work you put into writing it. It’s arguably worse to send a “thank you” with several errors than to not send one at all, so be sure to triple proofread your email before hitting the send button.

Bonus: Don’t Underestimate Snail Mail

In a world where technology dominates and emails are constantly flooding inboxes, sending a handwritten note can help you stand out. It shows that you took the extra time to plan what you’ll say, handwrite it, and mail it. It’s also less likely to be lost in a pile of other trivial mail, which is always a plus.

Moral of the Story

Always take the time to say “thank you”! It may seem like it doesn’t make a lasting impression, but people remember your gratitude and appreciation. Don’t know how to thank people the right way?


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