Do You Feel Crazy For Wanting To Be An Entrepreneur?

— April 25, 2017

Are the people in your life questioning what on earth you are doing?

Perhaps you are trying to grow a blog or you are trying to start a business and people are questioning you. Can you relate to this?

Just the other day I was on Quora and there were some hot conversations happening around this topic.

The truth is, this is normal. When we venture onto a path that is time consuming and often isolating the people in our lives worry and wonder about us.

It isn’t normal to start a blog. It isn’t normal to be an entrepreneur.

Let’s be honest here. We are supposed to go to school and get a job. Then we are supposed to get up every day, go to work, drive home, cook dinner and watch tv. Then if we are lucky enough we go on a vacation once a year. Other than that we live for the weekend and we long for the holiday.

In normal life, a 3 day weekend is the goal. It is the good life.

It is also when we are supposed to do normal things like have a bar-b-que or go shopping. It isn’t the time that we are supposed to focus on this thing called a “side hustle.” Three day weekends are not supposed to be the time that we work on creating content or a sales funnel.

So if no one in your life understands why you are trying to do your HUSTLE just know that no one in my life understood either.

When I got laid off from my job and said that I was going to join a social media company as a co-owner people didn’t understand. They literally didn’t understand. They thought that I got a job at a social media company and then when they realized that there was no week to week paycheck they got weird.

When I would see family members and some friends the question was never “How is the business doing?” The question was always “Did you find a job yet?”


It took years for that to stop. Now they just ask absolutely nothing. Well my mom will ask how business is and so do a few friends but that took years.

So here is the deal, if you believe in your idea that has to be enough. You need to keep doing what you are doing until these people ask you if you are hiring.

As long as you understand or you have a seed of an idea that is all that matters. Yes, it can be lonely to be pursuing a goal. There will be days when all of your people are out having a great time and you are in front of a computer working. That is the pathway to greatness. Those moments will happen and they will suck. I will not lie to you.

However, it is worth it. So I understand why you are trying to be an entrepreneur. I understand why you are sacrificing that night out. I get you. Others here reading this post get you.

You are not alone and you are not crazy.

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