LinkedIn is adding new generative AI tools to help job seekers


By Mark Sullivan

LinkedIn is rolling out a new premium experience that uses generative AI to help job seekers find new positions. 

The features are powered by large language models in combination with a massive knowledge graph containing information and insights about 67 million employers and a billion professionals. Starting with a limited group of premium users, the platform will help job seekers research industries and opportunities, and help them generate content they’ll need to pursue opportunities. 

The AI, LinkedIn says, will help analyze the user’s feed, looking for industry commentary or news that might suggest or affect job opportunities. It will also show who in the user’s network is interested in or talking about the same things. 

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“We are able to leverage all insights from economic graph insights from members on the economy,” Erran Berger, LinkedIn VP of product engineering, tells Fast Company. “What’s happening in the labor market? What job seekers are doing? What are hirers doing?”

The AI will analyze a job listing and tell the candidate how qualified they are, and how competitive they may be. It will give suggestions for educational resources candidates can use to fill gaps in their skill set. The platform might also suggest people in the candidate’s network who might provide valuable information or contacts, and the AI will help the candidate draft a query letter to those people.

We’ve always tried to make professionals more proactive in their job searches, LinkedIn VP of product management Gyanda Sachdeva tells Fast Company. “Now we’re taking a big leap forward—we’re not just giving them the tools to do it but actually doing it for them.”

LinkedIn says the new AI services for job seekers will be included in the cost of a premium membership. The AI tools will become available to a small set of Premium users, then move toward general availability.

LinkedIn is adding new generative AI tools to help job seekers

“This is about making it so much easier, so that when members come to LinkedIn with a special purpose in mind, they can accomplish those goals in their professional lives,” Sachdeva says.

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