Learning From Volkswagen: How to Nail Your Video Strategy

May 14, 2015

Volkswagen has stepped up its video marketing game. With big hits like the Old Wives’ Tale series, they’ve stirred up massive attention through video.

The most recent ad campaign, though mainly shown via offline mediums, is the incredibly unique and simple “Ya!” video. This is a truly great advertisement. Here’s why it works, on so many levels:

It’s easy to remember

If you possess the willpower to not have this ad stuck in your head, you are a champion. The more likely scenario is that you will find yourself spontaneously chanting “Ya! Ya! Ya” throughout your day.

It’s fun, it’s simple, and because of this, the advertisement easily imprints itself into your brain. Volkswagen has sneakily attached their brand to a common everyday word. It won’t happen with everybody, but a select group will think of the Volkswagen advertisement each and every time they hear the word “ya’’. Brilliant!

It’s different, but not too different

It’s bright, it’s quirky, but not annoyingly so. The majority of car commercials and advertisements take you through the journey a consumer can have while driving the car. This particular campaign chooses to use wacky antics to point out selling features instead of telling the same old story.

By using oddball characters and bold visuals to display the features, it provides entertainment value to an otherwise mundane message. With that being said, it’s still a car commercial. It’s not so quirky that the viewer has no idea what’s going on.

It’s all in the details

The brain has an incredible talent of picking up on subtle details, without you even realizing it’s happening. Through small visual details, Volkswagen does an excellent job of reinforcing their messaging and their brand.

For example, when talking about the added Bluetooth feature, there is a large Bluetooth logo on the chalkboard behind the car. The average viewer may not consciously notice it, but it helps them understand and retain what is being said.


Additionally, the Volkswagen logo is snuck in throughout the video to remind the viewer which brand is being advertised, or help those viewers who begin watching part-way through the ad realize what’s being advertised. It’s impossibly to watch the advertisement without fully understanding what is being advertised, and who is advertising it.

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