It’s Time to Make that Dream Come True

Every day we read about a kid who has launched a new app that is changing the world and we literally think would it be worth taking out that old dream of our own and give it a try. Of course, most of us would bury it back down in a blink of an eye and deal with the guilt of not acting on that small dream project of ours by focusing on our desk job which we hate, but a few handful of our comrades would actually pick out their dream which is written on a napkin or on the back of an old college notebook, blow out the dust and think of how excited they were when they first thought of it. From this lot a few may even consider, why not give it a go, not a big one but a small nudge, just to test the waters.

Two things can happen after this; one, they would miraculously find that their dream was exactly what the world needed at that point and they go one to drop their desk job to pick up the champagne they ordered to celebrate the first million they made and how it’s looking to be smooth sailing ahead with many more millions to roll into their bank account or the second: where they test the waters find it to be too cold and box up their dream for a later date that may not ever come.

But there is one more thing that could also happen, maybe they take out their little dream project, put a little more thought into it, work out a few kinks in the model and then they actually reach out for help that is offered by a lot of professionals only to find that those professionals don’t really care about your dream but are more interested in the money that they would make through your dream. Sometimes this could lead to a bad deal and we become sour to our own little project.

Now imagine if we had a person like a fairy godmother or genie, who could hold our hand and help us figure out if our “idea” would work or not without having to take a big leap into uncertainty. A few tweaks and we would actually have something more than just a vague idea that could actually work. It is true that not all that glitters is gold but if we could figure out how to filter the useless requirements to concentrate on the real issues and have a solution that actually fits it would be great. It is true that not everyone becomes successful but it is also true that a few have become lucky and success wears a different form to different people.

In a world where we become redundant by the second, having such a person or group of people to help us navigate the hardships of starting a start-up and who could also help us face the challenges with expertise in the field is a great boon. It also helps when they have credentials that could help open the door at a few high places.

If we take a look at the current market scenario, we can find a few businesses that actually exist in a virtual space. Gone are the days where we should have a physical structure or presence to be called as a company. The channels to raise money were limited and virtually inaccessible to a newbie and more often than not we find the big names throwing their weight around to make sure we do not succeed.

It isn’t easy to start a start-up. That is the naked truth, but that does not mean we cannot try to start one. If we can convert the passion we have in our little dream and we find a roadmap that can lead up to the top, then don’t you feel we owe it to ourselves to give it just a small try. With information being made available everywhere and specialties booming in this digital era, it would sound like a joke to say that we didn’t try.

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