Is Your Email Subject Line Ruining Your Campaign?

— September 25, 2017

Is Your Email Subject Line Ruining Your Campaign?


If your target market is under the age of 60, chances are that your email marketing leads will first see your email on a mobile device. It will pop up loud and clear like a shining beacon on the screen of a cutting-edge iPhone, Samsung, or Motorola phone.

If your subject line isn’t relevant, compelling, and clickable, the rest of your content doesn’t matter – it’s gone forever with the swipe of a finger.

Instead of letting your email marketing efforts fall flat, consider the impact your subject lines may be having on your open rates.

Why Subject Lines Matter

The average customer’s attention span – especially when using a mobile device – is exceptionally short. It’s imperative to make a connection in the first few seconds, or the opportunity is gone and forgotten as quickly as it came.

Most of your email recipients using mobile devices will only see the subject line and maybe a line or two of body text of your emails, so your subject lines must immediately convey value and spark their interest enough for them to open the email and read more.

Personalized Emails

Most marketing professionals know by now to segment their emailing lists. This is important for several reasons, but the essence behind all of them is ultimately to avoid sending customers the same information over and over.

Today, it’s easier than ever to deliver emails tailored to individual customers and leads. Once you collect a lead or customer’s information, it’s important to leverage that information into effective, personalized messages.

Your recipients are far more likely to engage with messages tailored to their personal preferences and needs than generic marketing emails that are often ignored.

Drip Campaigns

The drip campaign is a fantastic means of leveraging email automation and customer profiles into engaging, valuable lead generation.

As the name suggests, a drip campaign is an automated emailing schedule that “drips” the most relevant content to recipients based on past engagements, their status as a lead or customer, purchasing history, and other factors.

Once you understand how drip campaigns work, you can tailor your subject lines to fit customers’ profiles to capture their interest.

Since a drip campaign factors in individual responses and past interactions, it’s easy to develop subject lines that will appeal to your readers’ interests. A customer is going to be far more likely to open a relevant, personalized email with an enticing subject line than typical marketing messages.

Automated Responses

Automation in email marketing is a double-edged sword. On one hand, automation eliminates a lot of wasted time and allows more control over emailing lists; however, without the appropriate attention to detail and consistent upkeep, automation can cause more problems than it solves.

If you fail to appropriately tailor your automation system, recipients on your emailing lists could start receiving irrelevant or duplicate messages.

This will frustrate them very quickly, and eventually, they will either begin to ignore your emails or may even unsubscribe.

Rather than opening the door to this eventuality, carefully construct your email automation in a way that the messages will have the same impact and generate the same interest as personalized messages.

Instead of delving into the realm of “clickbait,” develop subject lines that will intrigue and entice your readers to open them and learn more.

Even automated messages that convey company news, new product information, or recent events can create engagement with the right subject lines.

Urgency and Relevance are Essential

Ultimately, the people on your email list are there because they at least have a passing interest in your brand, so they’re more likely than not to investigate emails with well-constructed, enticing subject lines.

Experimentation and careful maintenance are going to be crucial to a successful email marketing campaign, so be sure your subject lines do your content justice and encourage your readers to keep engaging with your brand.

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