Is Your Email Marketing Becoming Too Robotic?

— August 16, 2017

Is Your Email Marketing Becoming Too Robotic?

Marketing automation allows businesses to take care many tasks at once. It also helps businesses visualize better what their company is doing right and what needs improvement. But, what if the only thing you needed to really improve on was the thing causing the problem?

While email marketing, of course, has so many great benefits, if you’re relying on it too much, your customers aren’t going to know who YOU are. There are so many ways to personalize your marketing automation so that your customers can get a sense of who is behind the screen. If all of it is becoming too robotic, then isn’t it doing quite the opposite of what it was intended for?

After all, email marketing is a way for you to reach out to more customers faster. But, it’s not an excuse to take the human factor that they need to associate with a business they know and trust.

Check Info About Your Customer First

When corresponding with tons of customers, you can’t possibly know everything about everyone. However, keeping your software organized in this aspect begins as soon as they register on your website. Using a sign-up form that asks for specific information beyond name and email, like what makes this customer unique in relation to your business, is important to ask. This way, when you write to them or they write into you, you have a little background information about them first. This will help you lead the conversation in the right direction from the get go.

Use Names in Your Emails

This is a given and will be much easier if the first step was done correctly. When you write to your customers, make sure you use their name. And, if you have their name on file, make sure you spell it correctly. It takes a few seconds just to double check these things.

Take Time to Respond Personally to Messages

We know, we know. You have so many emails to answer. You don’t have the time to answer each one as if it were like a pen-pal letter. Many companies use canned responses in their email marketing to make the process of answering customer concerns that much easier. However, if you rely on these canned responses too often, you’re going to lose touch with your customers. Really, who likes getting those generic responses?


If you’re corresponding with a customer, it’s important to follow-up with them before closing out the email. If they say, “thank you” to you, for example, there’s no reason you can’t reply “you’re welcome.” Customers don’t only choose a business for their products, but also for their positive customer relationships.

Let Their Voice Be Heard

If you put a little more human into your automation, your customers will likely have positive things to say about your company. Testimonials they can provide regarding your products or services are beneficial to you and to them! Give them an opportunity to share it on your website or even at the bottom of future email campaigns.

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