Is There Something Wrong with Your WordPress Site’s Conversion Rate?

— September 23, 2017

Have you finally finished creating your site after so many cups of coffee? Or maybe you did it in just one sitting?

Weeks after you launch, you’ll see that there are hundreds of visitors coming your way according to your analytics provider. But the bad news is, according to the same source, your guests leave just when they’re about to see your greatest content. Of course, a guest lost is revenue lost as well.

Usually, a conversion is achieved based on certain things a user does; purchase, newsletter signups, or a click on your call-to-action buttons.

The truth is, however beautiful and functional your website is, there are reasons why people don’t convert or turn into avid readers. In this post, you’ll identify some of these reasons and how you’ll be able to counter this problem.

1. Slow to Load

Page loading time is obviously one of the reasons why your bounce rate is high. You can use GTMetrix to test if your site is above the recommended standards. Factors that affect your site could be the plugins and widgets you add and the media that you upload.

If you set this problem aside, the results would be revenue and sales down the drain.

But as always, problems have their solutions. So to increase the speed of your site, follow this gem of a source created by iThemes.

2. Substandard Content

You’ve probably read a LOT of sites that say “content is king” and yes, they are correct. Without your content, your website is nothing. So it’s just worth noting that you have to put a lot of effort into building a well-researched and high-quality one on your site.

But why is content that necessary?

Content Value is Measurable

Is There Something Wrong with Your WordPress Site’s Conversion Rate?

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Having been mentioned that content is king, it also means that it is the source of most results you’ll get on your site. It drives traffic; it gets you leads, it brings you sales, and so much more. These conversions that you’ll be getting are a product of the value of the content you’ve given your visitors. And because these metrics are measurable, it’s easy to test, track, and tweak.

Content Makes Your Brand an Authority

A quality content on an individual subject that you mostly write about makes you an authority on that particular topic.

Content Inspires Trust

Your credibility matters. People don’t read articles they don’t trust the source of. As you build your website to become an authority in a certain niche, people will come and read more from you.

Content Improves SEO

Gone are the days when keywords are the ones that matter most even with a poorly written content. With the recent updates, a genuinely good content are the ones that are being picked up by search engines to use as their basis for rankings. And above that, it can also build links that are also a huge factor in SEO.

3. Ineffective Landing Pages

As the name suggests, a landing page is where people land on your site. Meaning, this is mostly the first thing they see from you. So with this single page, make sure you’ll quickly capture their attention. Some of the ways to do this are to create a clear CTA button, write a compelling headline, and always use high-quality visuals and typography.

4. Lack of Engagement

Is There Something Wrong with Your WordPress Site’s Conversion Rate?

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When someone visits your site, don’t expect them to stick around. Page views are vanity metrics that aren’t of that much value. Hence, engagement is what you need to aim for.

Engagement fosters relationship which ultimately builds trust. People who follow a site expects to be recognized. Let’s say they ask you a question, what would you do? You deliver high-quality responses, that’s what.


As mentioned, the value of your conversion depends on what your goals are. Sometimes a click is the most important conversion ever, and sometimes it’s an email signup.

Ultimately, you will have to spend time knowing how come those 100 people who visited your site don’t see the value of what you are offering. Did you target the wrong people to come to your site? Or did you show them a poorly made landing page?

Small things matter and these small things need to be modified to maximize your website’s capabilities. We are sure that the answers rely on the tests you will be doing on your website moving forward.

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