Instagram’s Hot New Boomerang App – 4 Simple Steps To Help You Get Started

November 3, 2015

Holy GIF! Just a couple of weeks ago, Instagram launched its new Boomerang app, allowing users to create one-second looping videos (GIFs, if you will). The videos are made by stitching together a burst of five photos. And the result is kind of awesome.

The goal behind Instagram’s new app is to enable its users to put forth even more creative content on the platform, by “turning everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.” Major brands like Timberland, Purina and Cosmopolitan are already creating and sharing their own Boomerang content.

Don’t miss out on the Boomerang fun! If you’re wondering how to get started, take a look at the four-step walkthrough I’ve put together below.

Step 1. Download & Open Boomerang

Boomerang App Step 1
This might sound obvious, but remember that Boomerang is an independent app – the third standalone app that Instagram has released following Hyperlapse and Layout. What this means is that you need to download it from the app store separately in order to use it. Boomerang is available for download on both iOS and Android. Once you download it, you can open it and begin using immediately! There’s no need to log in. If you have an Instagram account, you can start using the app to create GIFS right away.

Step 2. Set Up & Take Your Shot

Boomerang App Step 2

Once you’re in the app, set up the shot as if you would a regular Instagram photo, only this time taking note of any action that you are trying to capture in the video. In this example, we will be ‘filming’ the pouring of coffee. Follow key Instagram best practices to create the best shot, video or still.

After you’ve finished setting up, just hold down the white circle to start filming. The screen will flash white five times (indicating the frames that the app will be capturing for the final product), and then automatically save to your phone. So, no need to manually push ‘save’ at any time! This also makes it easier to retake the shot; you can seamlessly shoot multiple videos in a row and then pick and choose your favorite.

Note that the app caters to selfie-lovers too – all you have to do is press the circle of arrows to the right of the center button to turn the camera around. (Then, just say cheese!)

Step 3. Upload to Instagram or Facebook

Boomerang App Step 3

Once you’re happy with the shot, hit the Instagram (or Facebook!) icon on the “Saved” screen to open up Instagram straight from the app. Then, select your fresh new Boomerang from your Library. (You’ll need to make sure you’ve enabled Instagram to access your Camera Roll.)

Step 4. Filter, Caption, Voila!

Boomerang App Step 4

The final step is just some Instagram housekeeping. Add on a filter that you like best (and best fits your brand), write a caption (add two hashtags for optimal engagement; and yes, you can even hashtag emojis now), tag your location (if applicable), then hit Share. Voila! You’ve now created a flawless Boomerang GIF.

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