Instagram vs. Snapchat – Which Is Better For Marketing Your Business?

September 27, 2015

Snapcat vs Instragram

Let’s start by saying that both are great photo-sharing applications in their own regard, and IF you want to market your product or service through the visual platform, both will perfectly serve your marketing desires.

And as Kurt Wagner notes that, Snapchat was Facebook’s first choice before Instagram.


Having said that, it must be noted that there are still feature-focused differences between the two apps.

Listed below are the most crucial differences in the features of the two popular photo-sharing software.

1. Taking a photo or a video

The capture button, along with the rest of the interface, is pretty much same in both the apps.

Instagram’s primary difference is that you can upload a photo or a video directly from your computer or phone. Thus making it a bit more flexible

In Snapchat, you have to use the app to capture the photo or the video you want to share. Making it slightly less flexible.

Because we are like flexible options, Instagram is the clear winner in round 1

Instagram Vs Snapchat Round 1

2. Editing filters

This is an Instagram-only feature only. After taking the photo or the video, you can edit the lighting or the coloring, or change the saturation or sharpness of the piece before sharing it.

This is a great way to enhance your product shots or add a style to your brand.

This is not possible in case of Snapchat, making Snapchat the round 2 winner

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 2

3. Setting a timer

This is another Snapchat-only feature. You can set a particular time window for which the photo will be available for the selected viewer. You can set the timer from 1 second to 10 seconds.

Is this a useful feature?

If you are running an instant feedback survey before a product launch and you want an instant response (no thought) to what the person feels about a colour of product or product packaging etc this timer is an awesome feature!

If you want anyone to view the photo or video unlimited times, you can submit the same in the Snapchat Story.

Clearly Snapchat dominates round 3!

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 3

4. Adding text

Yes, you can add text in both the apps.

In Instagram, you can add it below the image or video.

Whilst over in the red corner, on Snapchat, you can type the text directly on the picture if you want to.

So, the difference is in the positioning of the text. And with any marketing, being able to position text and graphics is must. Once again making Snapchat a round 4 winner!

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 4

5. Sending an image or a video

Previously, it was only a Snapchat feature

But with the introduction of the Instagram Direct, you can now do the same in Instagram as well.

However, in Instagram, you can send only to 15 people at most, while there is no such limit in Snapchat.

Also, while the image or video still stays in Instagram, it gets deleted automatically in Snapchat once the receiver views it.

Deleting content? Hmmm, we like our marketing material to continue to exist and excit our audience, so this round definitely goes to Instagram!

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 5

6. Liking or Commenting on a picture or a video

This is where Instagram scores a full point over Snapchat, and acts a bit like Facebook. Funny really, since Facebook own Instagram, hey!

You can like or comment on a picture or a video shared with you or appearing on your feeds stream on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you cannot create such conversation threads on Snapchat, and social media is all about interacting with your customers and soon-to-be customers. So Instagram is the clear round 6 winner!

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 6

7. Content Streaming

This is pretty much the same in both the apps.

On Instagram, you will get a constant feed of images and videos.

While in Snapchat, you will get a New Story notification every time a new item is posted.

Both apps display a good visual marketing thread so this one’s a tie.

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 7

8. Presence of advertisements

Well, Instagram, being a Facebook property, will follow the same path as Facebook does.

So, you will always get Sponsored content now and then in between the streamed feeds.

But this is not so in Snapchat.

Since we are evaluating these social platforms from a marketing perspective the sponsored content give sus the extra exposure we need and thus gives Instagram the edge and heads of into the lead as the winner of round 8.

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 8

9. Saving or download photos or videos

On Snapchat, you have to download the picture or video, but in Instagram, it automatically gets saved to your gallery.

In addition to that, you can share the piece via email or URL on a website.

Having multiple sharing options is always a plus for any type of marketing and clearly has the edge when it comes to reaching out to your customers. Instagram races on and grabs another round.

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 9

10. Audience

Instagram’s audience demographic is a bit “middle-of-the-road”, but Snapchat on the other hand, is very popular with the 18-24 bracket.

In fact, Snapchat is the dominant social media app for the 18-24 demographic. So, if you want to reach out to the younger side of your market, Snapchat is the way to go.

Nobody likes a middle-of-the-road marketing campaign – let’s see some opinion and dedicated and on-target messages. This specific niche targeting on Snapchat makes it the round 10 winner.

Instragram Vs Snapchat Round 10

There you go!

Instagram is the winner, but only by 1 point – it was a close battle!

To conclude, as Justin Diaz says, if you like to take pictures that are forever, Instagram is your best option. And if you want to share crazy instant snapshots for the moment and  don’t care for the future, Snapchat is the way to go.

Choose the one that best serves your business purpose…

I hope this was useful for you. If it was, share it with your friends because they’ll likely find it useful too!

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