Improve Twitter Advertising Relevancy And Automation With New Event Targeting Tools

July 23, 2015

Earlier this morning, Twitter released event targeting to help brands and marketers target their ads at users already engaged with live events. This update provides three new tools (Calendar, Insights, and Activation) to improve audience targeting and content relevance by integrating trending events and user data into campaign strategies.

Update Highlights: Events Calendar gives brands a way to discover upcoming major live events. Event Insights gives you a bird’s eye view on who’s already engaged with the event, and Event Activation lets you take that information and put it into action with targeted promoted tweets.

What It Means For Marketers: These new features will allow brands to automate and improve event-targeted campaigns to increase engagement with relevancy, boost ROI through enhanced targeting data, and plan timely campaign content for future events.

Below we have highlighted a closer look at how each tool can be applied enhance your Twitter advertising strategy.

twitter event insights

Plan Ahead

To help marketers discover upcoming trends, Twitter’s new Event Calendar highlights major events around the world. Users can filter by type of event, location and date. It should be useful for brands, especially to plan future ad campaigns around major events with more precise audience targeting.

Think about it: People use Twitter to join the conversation. They’re already leaning in to see what their own tweets look like in the Twittersphere. Waiting for notifications sets their mind to a phase where they are actively listening. This new tool converts a user’s own need for visibility into a brand’s next opportunity.

For marketers, taking a step out of the trend identification process is hard to ignore. Doing it manually can be tedious, and now it will be much harder to miss upcoming hashtag and keyword campaigns. This tool in particular is going to cut research time considerably, and ensures that brands won’t miss a beat.

Who’s Tweeting

Event Insights provides historical data about how people are tweeting about events. This includes how many people are tweeting about it, how many people those tweets reached, device usage, and demographic data.

These audience insights are useful for getting a benchmark for just how many people will be interacting with the promoted tweet. While this tool in particular will prove popular with advertisers, these event-targeted ads will integrate seamlessly with the ad cards Twitter users already see.

During the test beta, @mindshare_uk saw a 73 percent minimum engagement increase compared to their traditional targeting methods, and ended up doubling their engagement completely at its peak.

With tools to identify upcoming trends and insights on how to best associate with them, marketers are going to cut their research time considerably. This let’s them focus their time on amplifying and tweaking their promoted tweets for maximum ROI.

Go For Liftoff

Event Activation does exactly what it sounds like. It lets marketers launch ad campaigns targeting specific events. After all the researching and planning is done, event targeting is just another tool with gender, language and device marketers can track to tweak their promoted tweets.

This is an opportunity for brands to pinpoint users who are already on their phones. After a user tweets a photo at the MTV Music Video Awards, promoted tweets are front and center on their news feed. Every time they get a notification there is another chance for a promoted tweet to make an impression.

Combined, these three tools make for a powerful feature release. This lets you target users who are already engaged with a trend and take advantage of it. Combined with Twitter’s other new tools, marketers can really hone in on their target demographic when they’re already searching, retweeting, and clicking.

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