Importance of Storytelling in Content Marketing and How to Build Them [Infographic]

July 27, 2015

From books to movies to digital content, stories are revered everywhere. It’s the best way to connect with your readers and engage them, using scientifically proven ways. Storytelling is a way of communication that is in accordance with the way our brain functions. There is enough scientific data supporting the neurological impacts of storytelling and that’s the reason content marketers from all over the world are now practicing storytelling for their brand and marketing campaigns.

Storytelling is linked to:

  1. Feel good factor
  2. Hormone overdrive
  3. Improved retention

It translates into ideas and experience of the reader and helps his brain to use it for future scenarios. It’s solution oriented and steers the brain of the reader into finding the desired solution.

Three ways of building stories

There are following three ways we can develop stories:

  1. By building a story arc
  2. Finding the emotional connection
  3. Thinking trans media (re-purposing for various media platforms)

The story arc includes a “problem-analysis-solution” roadmap, in which the problem is identified and it’s analysed with a wider perspective and at the end, the storyteller tries to find a feasible solution. Try to utilize human emotions of fear, loss, joy, frustration and relief etc. in your story, as your audience is human and they like to be addressed that way. Then we can re-purpose our story for different media platforms so that it can be received at different touch-points.

For that, it’s required that you should constantly learn human behaviour. You should also try case study method for storytelling. We can use our exiting content and re-purpose it into various formats.

Importace of storytelling in content marketing

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