Hunger Games Social Buzz: From Katniss’ Dress to Effie’s Makeup

by Albane Flamant November 20, 2015
November 20, 2015

Hunger Games pin social media

The wait is over folks! The last instalment of the Hunger Games series is playing at your nearest movie theater as we speak. With a few days of Hunger Games related buzz to work with since the launch on Wednesday, Talkwalker used its powerful social media analytics to spot the top trending topics.

Team Peeta Dominates World Discussions

Sorry Gale, seems like the majority of the world has sided with your rival! Talkwalker identified 8,500 mentions of the Gale/Peeta rivalry on all channels, and Team Peeta dominated in almost every region, with the exception of Australia, India and South Africa.

Social Listening World Map

Teenage Girls and High-End Cars: An Unlikely Social Media Campaign?

Which were the brands most connected with the Hunger Games buzz? Aside from the inevitable mentions of Lions Gate and YouTube, which published the trailer of Mockingjay Part 2, Chrysler and Dior were the two most mentioned brands on Twitter in relation to the Hunger Games over the last thirty days, according to the Talkwalker Smart Themes tool.

Brands most mentioned Hunger Games

Top brands linked to Hunger Games on Twitter

Why Chrysler? You will either love or hate the ads the auto maker released for the promotion of the movie at the end of October.

Dior Catches Fire on Instagram

Aside from her iconic Katniss Everdeen character, Jennifer Lawrence is well known for her tendency to face plant on her way to various premieres and award receptions.

Fall of Jennifer Lawrence


Yet in the latest weeks, she has become the most popular Instagram ambassador for Dior. With just four posts of the fiery actress sporting beautiful gowns at European and US premieres of the latest Hunger Games movie, the French fashion brand managed to attract hundreds of thousands of new fans on its Instagram account over the last two weeks to reach a record 7.1 million followers.

Hunger Games actress in Dior

Source : Dior’s Instagram account

Dior has long been in the business of beautifying stars on the red carpet and beyond, with the likes of Dakota Johnson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emily Blunt and Rihanna regularly littering Dior’s Instagram profile. Yet none of them even got close to the Mockingjay’s popularity on social networks. In less than 48 hours, the latest Instagram post of Lawrence in a white-silk dress at the Los Angeles premiere received over 96,000 likes and 400 comments (and counting!).

Talkwalker tool analyzing Dior Instagram

This is yet another example of the importance of choosing the right influencer for your brand. Social listening tools can help you measure the effectiveness of your influencer marketing, as well as identify true influencers for your brand.

Capitol Couture Will Make You a Citizen of Panem

Other trending posts on Facebook and Twitter in the wake of the Mockingjay premiere talked about makeup and home decoration!

Capitol Couture Makeup tutorial

Capital Couture tutorial

Capitol Couture in itself is a unique promotion campaign for the movie: the idea was to involve fashion designers from all over the world in the designing of the movie’s costumes.

Their social media campaign was just as interesting, with several tutorials allowing you to make your reality a bit more like the fictional Capitol. For example, their video teaching fans how to replicate the infamous Effie Trinket’s make up instantly racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube. Too bad they didn’t release it earlier for Halloween, I am sure we would have had several overdressed Capitol minions walking up and down the street, threatening to make you a tribute to this year’s Hunger Games!

Stay on top with social listening

This marks the conclusion of a four-movie series that has captivated millions of people all over the world. Both fans and brands alike have been quick to take to social networks to discuss the movies and their favorite characters, generating huge amounts of data.


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