How Your Online Store Can Take Advantage of Singles Day

— November 8, 2016

This Friday, November 11th is Singles Day, so when you start to see trending hashtags on social media such as #Double11 or #SinglesDay you’ll know why.


In 2009, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba decided to capitalize on “Singles Day” also known as Guanggun Jie or Double 11 Day. This is a day when single people are encouraged to buy gifts for themselves, and last year it brought in $ 18.8 billion in sales in just one day for Alibaba.

It is a bigger sales day than Black Friday or Cyber Monday and it always takes place on November 11 (hence the double 11), however, this year Alibaba announced that Singles Day will last 24 days until December 6th. During this time Alibaba encourages its sellers to offer amazing deals.

This is typically a China-only event, however, there is no reason why your online store cannot try to take advantage of the hype and run your own Singles Day special.

Just to give you a few tips, last year, most Singles Day sales occurred in the first hour, so midnight in China is noon EST on November 10th. As such, trending will start earlier than expected, so be sure to make sure your special offers start prior to this day and time.

Also, 72% of all purchase on Singles Day last year were by mobile, so if you are running any Facebook, Instagram or Google ads, you will want to make sure to activate the mobile ad option.

There will be lots of media hype that you can try to take advantage of, therefore if you do have a Singles Day sale that was particularly successful for you, pass that information along to business bloggers and reporters who will likely be writing about the phenomenon. Even put a pitch out on Wednesday to any bloggers who might be writing articles such as “Online Shops Offering Singles Day Promotions“.

In terms of Google searches, people will likely be searching on Singles Day, Singles Day 2016, Singles Day USA and Double 11 Sales Day.

There are a lot of consumers out there who have been patiently waiting for Black Friday, therefore an earlier Singles Day sale may be exactly what they want.

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