How Will Online Marketing Change In 2015?

  • February 19, 2015

    Online Marketing Predictions to prepare for:

    Search engines are constantly changing, but we have a feeling things are really going to get shaken up in 2015, at least as far as Internet marketing goes. The game is getting tougher, and the search engines are getting smarter, so we are confident that the marketing landscape will show some significant changes for 2015. What exactly will change? Here are some of our predictions for 2015’s marketing world.

    1. The tools we use in marketing will become free. We’ve already seen a host of free marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, HelloBar, and Optimizely’s free plan. The fact that small and medium businesses cannot afford to pay for these marketing tools, and the knowledge developers have that as you come to rely on their free product and grow your business you’ll use the premium versions, comes together to mean marketing tool providers will continue to offer free versions of their tools.

    optimizely test2. Marketers will be asked to be more creative. Traditional advertising channels, like PPC, SEO, and social media marketing, are always going to rise and become more popular. To stand out in the crowd, companies are going to encourage their marketing professionals to try new, more creative advertising methods. Some of these efforts will work, and some won’t, but we’re sure to see a lot of testing of new ideas in 2015.

    3. Social media will become more important. Some blogs are just vastly more popular than others, and while their content has something to do with it, the biggest reason is the social media reach. Not only is social media sharing expected to become more influential in SERP for 2015, but the large social following your social media accounts have translate to more potential viewers for your blog.

    4. Guest post links won’t work as well. Search engines have been warning us not to use guest post links for SEO, but many folks ignore those warnings for the simple reason that the links keep working to improve SEO metrics. Guess what, though? Algorithms get smarter over time, and Google is expected to adapt their search engine algorithms to devalue many of these guest post links.

    5. SEO will get harder. As Google and the other search engines update their search algorithms, it will become more and more difficult to continue doing SEO tweaks that have any sort of strong or lasting impact. Google wants to make it harder to manipulate search listings, and they’ll continue updating their software to do just that. This doesn’t mean SEO is going away, but you will probably see a lot of your competitors shifting their budgets to Pay Per Click instead of SEO.

    Will these changes happen overnight? Well no, but maybe. We have all seen business get nailed with updates. We’re expecting to see them come gradually over the next 9-12 months, slowly changing the landscape of Internet marketing. At the same time, I am not waiting around to make a change. It will be a very interesting year, and I cannot wait to see what else changes in the marketing world. What changes are you expecting to see this year?

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