Where To Put Your Content To Ensure People Will See It

Where To Put Your Content To Ensure People Will See It image content maarketing where to put your content

You took the time to design a blog and start writing articles. Hopefully you try to post as consistently as you can and you may have even seen an increase in your total blog visits overtime. But are you doing enough to make sure your content is being found? Let’s review a few tips that you can use to help promote your blog!


Before we start I want to make one important observation that all bloggers should know about their blog. Quality matters! There are thousands of blogs out there on the web and in order for yours to be found, you need to make sure yours is unique and offers great information. These promotion tactics will not work if you have poorly written articles because others will not want to share your information. In order for you to promote effectively, you will need assistance from others around the web. So don’t just blog to blog (but you should try to post regularly). Blog because you have relevant information to share that people would find helpful. I stress this before we start because if you have bad articles, these promotion techniques will not be as effective. Now lets start looking at some tips.

Tips to promote your content

Post on social media: This is probably a tactic you are already using, but if not then make sure you do. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are all great places to share ideas and spread your content. Connect your blog to your Google+ account and post it regularly to improve SEO. Also find groups (LinkedIn) and communities (Google+) that relate to your industry; posting on these pages give you direct access to your audience (if you found the right groups/communities).

Enable Email and Social Sharing Option: Place a link on your blog to allow your readers to email or share the article with a friend or network. This allows them to quickly share your article with a friend or group of friends, which may not have a large impact, but gives them the opportunity to publicize for you.

Feed Your Blog: Make sure to create an RSS feed for your blogs!

Monitor Your Blog: Make sure you answer ALL of the incoming comments on your blog. If somebody has taken the time to say something on your blog, then you should have the time to answer back. Responding to your readers is just a great strategy to keep the conversation going on a personal level.

Submit to blog directories/search sites

People visit these types of sites every day to find new articles. Have you submitted your URL to some of these? Try looking into Technorati, blogdigger, eatonweb, digg, etc.

Why not create a StumbleUpon account and start stumbling your posts.

Post your content on Reddit.com. Or find other similar reddit posts and comment on them with your blog articles (if relevant).

Make an account on delicious.com. It is an easy tool to save, organize and discover interesting links on the web.

Try using Triberr.com to share your blogs and you may even get a few social shares in return!

Quora is a community website for different questions. This is a good place for how-to posts!

Make connections

In this online world, it’s still who you know and not what you know. What you know is important, but who you know could get you to where you really want to be. Network with other bloggers in your industry. They are already reaching the audience you are trying to target, so work on ways to get them to move from that content to your content. Build a list of the top blogs in your industry and become familiar with them. Try to get to know the authors of these blogs and build relationships with them. You can do this by commenting on their blog, connecting with them via social media, or try sending them an email.

This is one of the most difficult tasks I have listed. It takes a lot of time but can be very worthwhile. These people are viewed as experts in your industry, so their words carry a lot of weight. This means if you ever get them to acknowledge you in social media or even better in a blog, it could do wonders for your content.

Building Links

Building links back to your site is a very important aspect to get your content in front of others. A lot of the information I have already written about above will help you build links, but to learn more check out this blog article that is strictly focused on link building.


Creating content is just the initial step to getting your articles found. You need to follow the tips outlined above in order to spread your content across the web. The more places you can be found, the more chances you are of being found. It’s simply a numbers game. Now go out there and show the world what your blog has to offer!

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