How To Use Social Proof on Landing Pages

October 25, 2016

What exactly is social proof? It’s the influence on your decision-making created by the reaction of social masses. Whether you “don’t believe the hype” or you are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon – your bias, whether negative or positive, is derived from social proof.

For example, if you look into a restaurant and see that it’s empty, you probably assume the food is subpar. But if you look into a restaurant and it’s packed, you assume the food is great and the atmosphere is phenomenal. Your opinion about something is formed because of the way the social masses react to it.

The world wide web is no different. When someone comes to your e-commerce landing page, they might see your offer. But if there’s nothing to convince that person that it’s a great offer, they’re likely to move on to another website. Read on to find out the top three ways to use social proof on e-commerce landing pages.
1. Add Testimonials

Proving that your offer or product is amazing through a testimonial is priceless. These can be quotes from happy customers, usually including a photo, name, company and title. Research has shown that adding testimonials to a landing page can boost conversion by as much as 37%! And getting a celebrity to endorse your offer or product through a testimonial leads to exponentially higher results.

2. Show Your Shares

When your offer or product has been shared a lot on social media sites, showing that gives it much more credibility. The most used social sharing buttons are the the Tweet/Share button on Twitter, the Like button on Facebook, the Pin It button on Pinterest and the Share button on LinkedIn — all of which can be added to landing pages to prove credibility.

3. Tout Your Number of Users and Downloads

When people come to a landing page and see how many people have downloaded the offer or redeemed the offer, they’re more likely to take advantage of it themselves. Something like “Join our 25,000+ users around the world” can really get people intrigued and excited.

Now that you know the top three ways to use social proof on e-commerce landing pages, you can start taking advantage — and watching your new subscribers rush in.

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Author: Ari Gillam