How to Stay Active During Work Days

  • How to Stay Active During Work Days

    How to Stay Active During Work Days

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    For many of us working desk jobs, it can be challenging to stay active. A lot of companies have now incorporated standing desks to break the habit of sitting. Remember when you were working on your GMAT waiver letter and never got to leave your desk for hours. Now you are working long hours and hardly finding time to stay active. You have to make a choice and set some goals for yourself. The hardest part is actually sticking to the goals you set.

    Use a bicycle

    Transporting yourself to and from work is expensive and not helping you get fit. Instead, cycle to work and you kill two birds with one stone. Getting regular physical exercise will improve your health and keep your BMI in check. Being active is not about looking good. It is about being healthy and cardiovascular exercise is perfect for improving your health.

    Use your lunch break

    Another timeslot to re-evaluate is your lunchbreak. If you work at a company that gives you an hour lunch, you can use 30 minutes to get some physical activity in. This can be a quick brisk walk around the premises. Our bodies were designed to move. It has been said that sitting for prolonged periods is as bad as smoking, if not worse. Your college essay explaining bad grades might have been due to a lack of energy. You can fix this with regular physical activity. If your company has a gym, make use of it. Come in earlier for a quick workout session, use your lunchbreak or stay a bit later after work. It takes a little sacrifice, but it is worth it.

    Get to bed earlier

    One way of finding the energy to workout, is to get to bed earlier. If you are a night owl, you won’t be up and about early morning or even have lasting energy for your day. It can be a challenge for some people who aren’t in the habit of doing this, but you can train yourself to sleep earlier. Make sure you have a solid bedtime routine. Being active is all about balance. Writing a waiver letter ca keep you up at night, but you need a rested brain to get it done. The same goes for your everyday life.

    Take weights to work

    Keep a set of dumbbells at your desk. There are moments when you are on a call that doesn’t require much movement. Do some bicep curls. Walk around with your weights in your hands for resistance. You might look nuts, but it worth the results.

    Break up your workouts

    If you really cannot find 30 minutes to work out during your work day, break it up into smaller sessions. Do 10 minutes before you leave for work, 10 minutes at lunchtime and 1 minutes after work. This will all add up. When I wrote a waiver letter there was hardly time to work out, but this method works well. You are still raising your heartrate and you can tone up quite a bit. This is all in an attempt to up your fitness levels.

    Eat a balanced diet

    We have all heard this tip a thousand times, but it is important if you want to stay active. A healthy diet can give you the necessary energy and mental capacity to work out. The two goes hand in hand. If you are eating junk food most of the time, you probably don’t have the motivation to exercise. You do not have to change everything at once. Take small steps to cutting out the junk and incorporating more sustainable foods. We truly are what we eat. You will be more likely to find a good balance if you eat healthy and stay active.

    Are you a professional who stays active?

    There is nothing wrong with working hard and finding time to work out as well. Staying active should not feel like a chore. Find something that you actually look forward to do. This can be a dance class or a hike. Staying active doesn’t equate to working out in the gym for 2 hours a day. The average person does not have that kind of time. Set realistic goals and you can still excel at work while staying fit. The one does not need to take away from the other. Once you find a good balance, stick with it. Finding your own true happiness is key to succeeding in and out of the office.

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    How to Stay Active During Work Days

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