How to Pay Less Tax and Have More Time, Freedom and Money

  • May 9, 2015

    How to pay less tax have more time, money and freedomAre you tired of less money , less time and more taxes?

    Ever hear of the ebook “Trading Hours for Dollars” by John Chow? He came out with that book in 2006 and it’s still being talked about and for good reason. By far the most traditional method to make money is with a standard 9-5 job, right? a J-O-B is becoming an dinosaur way of thinking in today’s  modern day
    ”Rat Race”. Parents are taking home less and working more and wage increases are getting slimmer.

    My company may be an online business selling information products, it might be a popular blog site, or perhaps it’s an online training course. The real nature of business does not matter all that much. What matters is that you can establish business in such a method that, ought to you feel the desire, you can outsource out and hand over everything that has to be done and run a business 24/7, all while you still make money.

    Businesses online work in much the very same method. The biggest obstacle is figuring out the best business blueprint to get yourself to your dream and goals, then fund it.

    And while working a job by far the most typical method for the majority of individuals to make money, it is a naturally flawed design. There are just so lots of hours in the day and I cannot envision you desire to trade all 24 of them every day.

    If we were to look at my digital media company as another example, I might employ blog designers and writers to finish the work i assign them, as well as a sales and advertising pro’s to bring in the traffic to my funnel, ad copy, accounting paperwork, graphic design, an e-book and anything else that i don’t want to do OR is not the best task to be working on. My business time should be spent on higher revenue tasks in sales marketing, and delgating everything else.

    The big advantage about online sales and marketing, affiliate advertising and other kinds of online companies is that they can continue to create money for you even when you’re not actively working. Your company fictional name still operates, while you don’t. And as well, there are tons of tools to automate some tasks and streamline business, AGAIN giving you back your time, while earning money.

    This raises an important question…

    Do you truly desire to eliminate yourself entirely from your company?

    Are you passionate about running some tasks in your business?

    In my case, I get the impression that running this blog site and my business  is enjoyable and it’s something he would continue to do even if it didn’t make any money. Traveling, blogging, learning new marketing ideas, writing, and all those I would still do. So it takes your life from a job title to a passion style business, where you set the hours and are in the driver’s seat.

    Therefore, when discussing eliminating yourself from your online business, it’s actually more about exactly what your goals are in regards to work-life balance and what you want out of life. In my circumstance, i value “life” more than “work,” however we might not be so fast to Hawaii “work” entirely, your business still needs you to some degree.

    Exactly what we do for a living is still a basic aspect of who we are, but enjoy it more because the business becomes a “passion”. The time you spent “working” on your passion business becomes time well and wisely spent, creating a better quality of life overall.

    Something else to ponder on…

    Which would you prefer? Pay 50% tax working a FT job OR Running a online business paying a mere 17% tax (In Canada)?

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