How to Maximize Twitter Functionality for Improving the Client Base?

March 3, 2015

twitter as marketing tool

Social media management provides us with many choices in terms of platform and even operability. For those who consider Facebook as the most potent media marketing tool might, Twitter comes forth as a refreshing alternative. While the former packs in quite a lot in terms of content, Twitter offers that edge with better flexibility and targeted branding metrics. Unearthing the truest potential of the same is actually quite pertinent for entrepreneurs and businesses alike that need to address the promotional strategies at a reasonable tick.

Twitter scraps off the marketing surface with potent techniques which are synonymous to better advertising and brand promotion. If figures are to be believed then mobile optimization of the platform has pulled in a lot of traction for the same with over 80 percent visibility in scope. This offers better opportunities for revamping the online business as the customer base gets a facelift. Outreach gets boosted in addition to the segmentation capabilities. Twitter Ads can be seamlessly segmented in terms of demographic, interest, followers, keywords and other semantics, adding to the promotional needs and even the penetrative framework. Leveraging Twitter for refurbishing the customer needs is a possibility as third-party developments are supported. Brand value can surely be reinstated as compatibility is on the higher side with this attractive branding proposition.

Being active and extremely dynamic augers well for Twitter which has presently witnessed a sharp uptick in its audience base, owing to the engaging options in store! For the starters, Twitter supports multi-threaded conversations besides allowing call-to action and coordinated vigils. Once the right tools are identified, one can start off with the marketing ventures, putting ahead a larger palette to select from.

ManageFlitter: Building Bases for you

Brand promotion looks bland without followers. Twitter is one networking platform which packs in the following option, although Facebook is fast catching up with the idea. The former however packs in a better looking interface and the entrepreneurs can easily cut the clutter with the following option, held high. ManageFlitter addresses the analytical aspect of branding by looking into the clientele of other businesses with similar working models. The suite offered caters to a wider audience, addressing the ultimate aim of targeting the correct set if users.

ManageFlitter works and works really well for the customized search engine and other semantics involved. One might put in searches based on demographics and even interest while the ManageFlitter in initiates the search, perfectly enough. Power Mode is an included tool, offering better tracking alternatives and an option for identifying the users who recently un-followed a thread of even a brand.

SpiderQube: Listening with Intent

Listening actually is the first rule lining the caveats of social media and networking engagement. Users who often follow multiple names need to clear of their feed for noises, pertaining to excessive brand promotions. Paying attention becomes difficult but with SpiderQube, these digital noises can be kept at bay, as the most perfect conversation can be picked up based on the preferences. Searches are allowed based on keywords, accounts and other criteria while the social trends can now be closely followed, as per preferences.

If recent stats and news pieces are to be followed, then SpiderQube allows in:

  • Segmentation and CSV imports
  • Engaging users over retweets
  • Exporting CSV data onto files

One can leverage the database by selecting the SpiderQube plans, as per convenience. For instance the basic package looks affordable at $ 50, offering two spiders that remain active throughout the search. Other Provisions include 10 search terms and extensive storage space. Exporting and emailing are also allowed.


Expert supervision is suggested when dealing with these leveraging options. One must however take a note that Twitter isn’t merely a marketing solution with unidirectional flow but the most engaging platform, thriving on targeted interaction. These tools might be a tad pricey but do allow in higher traction and improved visibility.

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