How To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Only In Two Weeks

June 26, 2016

How To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Only In Two Weeks-big

Are you one of those people who run their online business and wonder how to increase ecommerce conversion? Maybe you’re making some mistakes or don’t take all opportunities? Find out what you can do to make your business bloom.

Advanced technology and online tools can help you ensure your business succeeds. You just need to know how to use them and prepare an effective plan. Where to start?

1. Grow your audience

First, you need to get new customers, and there are many ideas to grow your audience quickly. Just focus on ecommerce conversion rate and optimize your website. You probably understand that ranking higher than your competitors on Google is a must, so you have to know how to use SEO to rank your business well in the search engine.

2. Use the power of content marketing

It’s one of the most popular ways to promote an online business, and it’s also highly effective. Use content marketing techniques, no matter if you’re just starting or running an ecommerce business for a few years now.

You can start from a strong message on your front page and add unique product descriptions to make your products more attractive to customers. Another great idea is to start a blog for your online store to keep your customers up-to-date and to inspire them.

Use also growth hacking ideas and tools (just google them and find the best for your business) that empower your efforts.

3. Social media presence

Think for a while: when you want to buy something in online store, that you see for the first time, you’re google the brand name before you make any purchase, right? So now you know how online presence is important, especially in social media, when you can find most of your customers (or when they try to find you).

4. Email marketing

Sending emails based on user actions can help you effectively increase sales. Reach them with the right tools (such as MailChimp or GetResponse) and give customers what they really want.

Use follow ups to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Also, try newsletters to improve conversion on your ecommerce website, and send customers fitted offers.

5. Customer support

Keep in mind that online store is open for customers 24/7, so they should have the opportunity to get the answers as quickly as possible. Make it easy for them to contact you – leave a contact info on your page, set up a simple contact form, or install live chat on your website to provide a real-time customer support.

6. Analytics and testing

Analyze your customers’ behavior with analytics tools (like e.g. Google Analytics) to get better results. Then use this knowledge to run A/B test and find out whether something worked out or not, and enjoy your business growth!

These are the basics, and you have still a lot of work to do. Want to know what elements should your perfect ecommerce website have? Or how to improve your shopping cart and checkout usability?


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