How to Grow Your Business Blog to 100,000 Visits a Month in 1 Year

January 21, 2015


I am sure you are interested in this topic, which is why you want to read it in the first place.  I also know you will like to increase your business blog traffic visits to 100,000 visits a month. Of course, if you are like me, you will be thinking of how much you will make with this massive traffic. Well here, I am going to lay it all bare, showing you how to grow your business to 100,000 visits using content marketing.

Content Creation

The first thing you need is lots of content to reach this number and even go higher. In a report released by Hubspot titled “Marketing benchmarks from 7,000 business“, it was discovered that businesses that publishes  15 blog posts per month gets  around 500 visits (as shown by the chat below).


This research shows that the more blog posts your write, the more traffic you attract to your website.  However, not all kinds of post attract traffic of that magnitude.  Below are ways you can structure your posts to attract massive traffic.

How to structure your posts 

  1. Write great headlines for people and search engines

Most marketers concentrate on SEO (search engine optimization) more than the human readers.  When you focus too much on search engines, you loose out on your readers. You need to create a balance by writing for your readers first and then back it up by keywords for search engines. Therefore, write headlines that appeal to people and to search engines as well.

  1. Write on trending topics

Writing on trending topics in your niche will increase your traffic. People want to know what is new in their industry and how they can use it to their advantage. You can use Google Trends to see what is hot in your niche, conduct research and write in-depth content on it.

  1. Write in a conversational tone

Readers are able to connect with you easily when you use an easy to understand tone in your contents, such as using the words “you” and “I” within your contents, asking questions, keeping your paragraphs short and to the point etc. When you do this continuously, you will increase the number of people who visits your blog.

Blog post here is not limited to articles alone, you can include infographics, videos, podcast, Powerpoint presentations, white papers, e-books to spice up your blog. Your audience will have lots of options to choose from, thereby creating more engagements.

Content Promotion

Creating content is one thing, promoting or marketing it, is another. There are different ways you can promote your content.  First off, you can use popular social media networks, such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. These medium will put your content in front of your target audience. Secondly, you can use forum marketing. Look for forums in your industry and engage with the community, share your content and valuable advice. Members will follow you to your blog from there.

You can also use paid promotions such as PPC such as Google adwords, Facebook ads, Stumbleupon ads etc.

Content creation and marketing is very essential to the growth of your business blog and you must be ready to invest in it this year.

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