How to Create Stunning Content for Your Instagram

February 27, 2016

How to create stunning content for your instagram account

How to Create Stunning Content for Your Instagram.

If you were wondering where to spend your time in social media this year, look at Instagram and Snapchat. I’ve been rocking Insta for just over a half year now. What I can say, is that I’ve gotten amazing results.

Not only have I hacked and grown my account fairly rapidly, but I’ve also made sales on my ebooks and courses. Instagram at this point is indeed revenue generating. I’m incredibly happy that I invested my time into Instagram (and still do!). My goal is 200,000+ followers on Insta and a super engaged community. Now, that may take a year or two but I’m fully committed to making it happen.

Why? It opens up opportunities.

Having just 8,000 followers has already opened up an incredible amount of exposure and opportunities, I can only imagine all the abundance I will receive, staying in the platform.

Now that you’re at least thinking of getting on to Instagram, or stepping up your game—let’s figure out how to make some stellar content!

People ask me all the time what to post. Obviously, this is going to vary person to person. However, there are some key formulaic ways to go about it that will more than likely get your account some attention.

Even though every account is different—there are types of photos, and a variety of those types that tend to do well.

In this article, I’m reviewing the stylistic photos to incorporate and add into your account. If you’re looking for growth hacking your account like a boss, check out my article, here.

Now, this isn’t the case for every successful account. However, if you’re just looking for an easy formula to implement that will do more than well, here’s your chance.

How to create stunning content for your instagram account

Environmental Bliss.

Have you ever heard of “establishing shots” in movies? Essentially, it’s the establishing scene shots. They’re usually a culmination of the environment, or wherever the action is taking place.

It gives the viewer a sense of inclusion in the scene and understanding of the overall picture.

This can apply to your Instagram account too.

Give your environment some love. Take shots of your favorite streets or buildings. If you have access to a rooftop, climb up and get that coveted bird-eye shot. Have a bigger budget? Jump in a helicopter as a passenger for 15 minutes (I know it’s pricey, but I’m totally doing this when I get back to NYC).

Whatever your environment, the point is to set some establishing shots.

Personally, I drop in an environment shot every 6th photo, or so.

How to create stunning content for your instagram account


If you’ve seen my Instagram account, you’ve probably noticed that I’m kind of obsessed with portraits.

I love being able to capture happiness, silliness, snarkiness, suggestion, calm confidence—you name it. Getting a split-second moment of that positive emotion on someone’s face, just makes me happy. It’s a chance to capture their real personality.

You can see the variety of compositional portrait shots in this article: crush your Instagram portraits like a supermodel.

If you like the idea of posting lots of different people on your account, try this out! If you want more of you in your account, find a buddy to take the portraiture of you! You can even grab your fair amount of selfies. Just don’t post every pic of yourself… that gets boring fast.

How to create stunning content for your instagram account

Café Trips and Latte Shots.

They’ll never grow old. You could create an entire feed of lattes and you’d gain hoard of coffee loving followers. Obviously, if you don’t drink coffee, don’t post it, or find an alternative. You’re looking to at least remain authentic

There is something to be said about Americans and their beverages. If you can, include some sort of a bevy here and there, it makes you relatable. Whether it’s coffees, teas, matcha, espresso, juices, smoothies, cocktails, or prosecco, you have options.

Salivating Food Shots.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to food. I don’t post food to often, but if you love food and sharing it, do it! There are loads of communities dedicated to even specific types of food.

If you’re at a dope restaurant with some swanky food and it’s well lit, grab a shot!

How to create stunning content for your instagram account

A Defined Lifestyle.

Your life has style. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet. Sometimes we take for granted things that we just appreciate or are just “us.”

Are you an adventure junkie? Make sure this comes across in your feed. Your photos could be some on the way to that new mountain in the car, to the ascent, beautiful scenery, and then rock climbing shots.

Are you a fashionista? Build a feed that reflects this. You can post photos of accessories, your shoes, styled outfits laid out on the floor, fashion houses, runway shows and more.

Do you love to travel? Create a feed around all the places you have been and you’re dying to go. Post photos of your favorite spots, and those that remind you of stories (and tell the stories).

how to create stunning content for your instagram

Your Point of View.

Here’s your chance to show your point of view (either looking at the floor, or a table top). Shots from your view looking down at the floor or a table top are trending on Instagram. They are well loved by Instagrammers alike.

The next time you see a stellar design or mosaic floor grab a sweet shot! And if you can match your shoes to the floor or add some swagger, you’ll get even more momentum.

An Accessorized Life.

Adding little details into your photos can make a difference. We all have accessories. Some of us have killer watches, other’s have some serious bling, some have glasses, chic bags, painted nails, beautiful jewelry, or just great style.

Add the accessories into your photos. You can even add photos into your account that are detail shots focused on your wrists (bracelets, watches etc.) or your bag, shoes, phone, and more.

Table Top Shots.

It might be cliché, but those table top shots are on fleek.

Grab your phone, and take a pic from above the table. The photo could be of food, your favorite latte, a phone and tech accessories, or your essentials. Whatever it may be, add a table top shot or flatlay shot into your feed at least occasionally.

Enjoy dressing up your Instagram account with these iconic photograph styles!

Have more styles in mind that you’ve noticed? Let us know in the comments!

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