How to Create Profitable Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Instagram are unarguably the most popular social media platforms these days. Since these platforms have billions of daily active users, businesses take the opportunity to promote their products and services through them. A business can find many potential buyers through these social media platforms. Most importantly, advertising through Facebook and Instagram is easy and cost-effective. Hence, small businesses and startups have embraced these social media platforms for conducting their business promotional campaigns. So, how to run a successful and profitable business marketing campaign through Facebook and Instagram?

Step by step guide has been provided in the following section of this article.

Step 1: Decide Your Marketing Objectives

Before knowing the Facebook ad ideas, businesses should know the objectives of their business marketing campaigns. For Facebook and Instagram marketing, a business may have three major objectives. These objectives have been listed below.

  • Consideration: Through social media, a business can find visitors or users for the app and website. From Facebook, you can divert people to your business app or website. The aims could be getting business leads, reviews, etc.
  • Awareness: Social media campaigns can often be used for spreading awareness. A few services or products are new to the people. As a seller, you need to make people aware of the benefits of the products or services.
  • Conversion: The third goal of a social media marketing campaign is conversion. You need to convert hesitant social media followers into buyers. It fetches better revenue for a business.

A business may have all three objectives for their social media campaigns. However, you need to prioritize the objectives. Knowing the priorities helps to conduct a more organized and result-driven social media ad campaign.

Step 2: Know Your Audience

The next crucial step is to know the audience. Facebook is a vast social media platform. You shall find people from different age groups with different kinds of interests and preferences. Hence, reaching the right people is important for a business. Gaining potential buyers will help you to find a better conversion rate with minimal effort. Nevertheless, knowing the target market helps a business to grow in a shorter period.

For the ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you need to define your target audience. Through a few parameters, you can specify the target audience. These parameters are discussed below.

  • Age: Your product or services may be designed for a specific age group.
  • Location: A business may operate in a specific region. Hence, it should reach people in that region instead of getting a global audience. Location can be specified through the country, state, province, city, etc.
  • Gender: Some products and services are designed for a particular gender. Defining the gender of the target audience will help you to reach more potential buyers.
  • Language: A business may have buyers who speak a specific language. For a Facebook ad campaign, you can also define the target audience through language.

Step 3: Focus on Strategic Ad Placement

For Facebook and Instagram advertising, you need to focus on the strategic placement of the advertising materials. Developing good content is essential. But, it is more crucial to place the content in the right place so that the target audience can easily see the content. If you open Facebook, you shall find the advertisement on the right-hand side of your screen. Additionally, there is an Audience Network, where the ads can also be placed.

If you select “automatic placements,” the ads will appear on the right-hand side of the Facebook screen of your targeted audience. If you want to customize the placement, you need to click on “edit placements.”

You can customize the following things:

  • Mobile or Desktop: Many businesses may want “mobile-only” or “desktop only” ad placements. You can do this through the “Edit Placements” section.
  • Ads for Specific OS: You may want your ads to appear for specific OS users. For example, you can make your ads only available for Android users.

Today, mobile advertisements cannot be ignored. According to the reports, 84% of Facebook and Instagram ad revenue comes from mobile advertisements. Hence, excluding mobile advertisements would be a big mistake for a business.

Step 4: Ad Duration

The duration of the advertisements is also an important thing. Every campaign should have an expiry date. So, you need to decide the course of time for the campaigns. After a certain time, the campaign loses its momentum. As a result, it becomes futile. Instead of wasting money on an ineffective campaign, it is better to start a new campaign to engage more people.

Sometimes, an ad campaign does not need to be continued when it achieves the target. For example, you may start a campaign to get 1000 impressions. Once the target is achieved, you can discontinue the campaign and start preparing for a new campaign with a higher target.

For judging the campaigns’ duration, you need to check the Ad Quality Score, which consists of two things. These two things are CTR and relevance score. When the ad quality score gradually starts declining, you should be prepared to end the campaign. It also suggests that you need a new innovative campaign for better brand exposure.

Step 5: Ad Format

When starting an advertising campaign on social media, you need to decide the ad format. In many cases, businesses go for a trial and error process for finding the right ad format. It helps a business to try different layouts for displaying their advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. You need to compare the formats based on revenue, conversion rate, and impressions.

Step 6: Creative Contents

For running a productive business marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram, you need to have innovative ideas. Nevertheless, business owners should also follow the trends for developing ad content. These days, video content has become immensely popular. For creating effortless and eye-catching videos, you need to use the right video editing tool like InVideo. Creative ideas are essential for reaching target audiences more effectively.

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